Weekend Recap

Chris and I had a great weekend. Here's a little recap:

On Friday night we finally tried the Italian restaurant by our house, Cherry Tomato. This place was fantastic and because of the beautiful weather we have been having, we enjoyed walking and didn't mind the hour wait...this place was packed!

Saturday we met my Mom and Dad at a little Mexican restaurant for breakfast burritos - Chris's birthday breakfast a few months late. That afternoon my mom and I spent a full day going to little shops and walking around my neighborhood. Take a peek at my small finds for under $10!

Based on previous posts, you may think I use cocktail napkins a lot! I don't. In fact I still have plenty in their packages. But, hey, you never know when the 'Cute Cocktail Napkin' police may come crashing your party....and when they do, I will have some great ammo. Aren't these adorable?!

Chris and his Dad made huge headway in the basement, putting in and almost finishing a closet for us. These men are very talented. The only things left are base boards, a few coats of paint, new carpet and some minor decorating (yea, this is where I come in). Our taxes can't be filed soon enough to help speed these things along! We're excited to add an additional 900 sq. ft. of livable space to our little house!

Yesterday Chris went on a bike ride with our neighbor, Mark, and I went for a hike with Steph and Em. Although it was almost 8 miles, it flew by. I love how girlfriends can talk all the way there, then for 3 hours straight on the hike and continue talking in the car all the way home. As much as I like hanging with Chris, there are some things husbands just aren't as good for. Aka: marathon talk sessions!

Last night we enjoyed our first grilled hamburgers of the season (hooray) with our neighbors out on their patio. Although it was only the first day of Spring, Summer feels just around the corner. We really feel blessed by having some great neighbors on our block and its fun to have "built in friends" just by stepping out your front door.


Amanda said...

Yay for finally trying Cherry Tomato! Sooo yummy and always has a wait, but seriously well worth it. Love your Anthro-esque yellow candle holder as well- so cute, where did you find it?

Tiff said...

Tuesday Morning! A place where I had once vowed never to set foot in after countless times there with my mom. Anyways, great finds on candles, stationary and napkins ;) Check one out...