April Showers

Make that April Shower...Meghan's that is. On Saturday we hosted her bridal shower and all in all I think it turned out well. Kari and Emily helped me out a ton. And Emily even busted out her flower arranging techniques for the occasion. This girl is pretty amazing and she created some awesome floral arrangements for the table. Lucky for me, Meghan didn't want to carry on several flower bouquets and I now have a few beautiful centerpieces compliments of Ms. Schler.

The set up worked well, despite our tiny dining room. The food and wine were tasty and the weather held up (side note: Why didn't I get the memo to become a weather forecaster? I mean, really, earning a triple figure income to scare innocent shower-throwers by "forecasting" that it's going to be the worst snowstorm of the year? Um, unless some wet sleet and sunshine by noon equals The. Worst. Storm. - I think I missed my calling.)

Anyways - here a few pictures. Congats Meghan - Can't wait for the big day...


Beth said...

Wow! I am impressed. Looks straight out of a magazine. Very nice job!

Ryan, Ashley & Avery said...

What a great host you are!! I love all your home decor in the background of the pics!