Wednesday Ramblings

Although today is only Wednesday, it feels like Friday to me. And Friday's get me excited!

We are headed to Nashville tomorrow to see my big sis for the Easter weekend. Chris gets to hang out with me x 2 (mom and sis) for a whole four days - he's looking forward to it to say the least. He thinks my dad and nephew will be there to save him, but little does he know they're a little bit nuts (and by nuts I mean extremely random and fun, obvs.) like the rest of Blais fam.

And because I will most likely be too busy doing a combination of Easter festivities to do a post, I thought I would leave you with some very important thoughts:

- I ran 3.5 miles this morning and despite the voices in my head saying I was going to, I. Didn't. Die.

- I have been asked three times this week if I just got back from a cruise. And seeing as how we just had snow and we live in Colorado, this is a very bad thing. I fear that utilizing the last weeks of my tanning contract (I signed up before our wedding, don't judge) + asking my hair dresser to make me "as blond as possible without looking like a freak" = a bleached blond bimbo look. Classy.

- I can't get enough of THIS song. I may or may not need therapy - you decide. So inappropriate to have little kids singing in the background about guns and violence - yet, so darn catchy, I can't help but smile and sing along every time I play it.

- I am currently eating Honey Comb and Cinnamon Toast Crunch - together - from a big bag and have zero guilt about my high sugar, fiber-less, carbo loaded breakfast of champions

- I have decided that my event planning and management skills are just barely professional and creative enough to do a Craigslist post offering my services. So if you know anyone, wink wink, my brain could use the extra stimulation during these very sloooow event industry times and my wallet could use the extra dollars! Think backyard weddings, kids birthdays, Grandma and Grandpa's 50th anniversary - I'm desperate here people!

Lastly, I'm putting the 'Blog Follower' thingy up. You don't have to follow if you don't want, but I'm just gonna say, if I don't have several little pictures up there by the end of the week, I just may take it personally. Mom, sister, Chris - time to step it up.

Happy Friday, er, I mean Wednesday. Sorry.


Mark said...

Have fun with your family! That's great you get to get away for a bit. You should have the voices in your head tell you something big and scary is chasing you. You'll run way faster. ;)

Stacey Sargent said...

Love this post!
And I love cereal soooo much! My favorite is to have it at midnight!
And of course you can put me on your blog list...I would be honored!
Have fun with your family!