...sometimes, it just tastes better when you drink it from a big-gold-handled, slightly ornate and ridiculous, yellow and gold-ish, ceramic coffee mug. Fun.

Our weekend was nice and mellow and I don't think I spent more than 5 minutes in the basement - which I have to say I enjoyed thoroughly! It is so close to being finished, yet so far and most days, I feel like it will never get done! Although there are only a few little things left like trim, one last wall of paint, caulk, organizing, etc. , there is also one large thing - Carpet. This pricey detail may cause our basement to feel unfinished longer than we'd like, especially as the nice weather sneaks up on us and sitting on a patio with an actual yard, enjoying summer evenings seems quite nice. Decisions, decisions...carpet or grass?! I always vote both, of course. Then again, I also tend to think money grows on trees...hmm.

On another note, we watched our niece and nephews on Saturday and for the most part had a great time with them. I say "most part" because about an hour of it was filled with an "almost had to go to the Emergency Room" scare. Jack, our favorite 6 year old, fell off of his bike over the handlebars going down the neighbors driveway. When he stood up, all I could see was a bloody mess in his mouth and I was sure he had knocked out his teeth.

It scared everyone - Chris and I the most for sure and we were soon dealing with 3 screaming little ones! Once I, er, I mean Jack, stopped shaking uncontrollably and I could clean him up enough to see his mouth, we realized that his teeth were still in tact and it was just a busted lip. A few ice packs, Star Wars movies and orange Popsicles later, Jack was doing much better. He has a lovely and extremely fat lip to show for it. He kept looking in the mirror and saying, "Ahhhh!" We're just happy that this was the extent of it! Aunt Tiff and Uncle Chris may have quickly moved to the bottom of the family babysitter list if Jack was without teeth...

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


The Smaellies said...

I am gong to vote for carpet! It would be so nice to be able to utilize your space in your basement. The sun will still be outside and there are plenty of parks to walk through this year. And think of all the time you will save by not having to water and mow this year. We have over an acre of grass and it takes 5 hrs to mow each week..... sometimes I wish we had new carpet and no grass! Good luck with your decision!

Beth said...

Oh no! Poor Jack and poor you. I was once babysitting a couple of kids and took them to a church fair where there was a jumpy castle. The little girl I was watching got in there while some rambunctious boys were in there and got her tooth knocked out. I was practically hyperventilating. Luckily it was a baby tooth and her dad was totally cool about it, but I felt AWFUL! Glad Jack is okay.