Back on the wagon...

I'll admit, I never really have understood the whole "wagon" analogy. Frankly, I happen to think that spending the rest of your life on a wagon seems quite dreaful. I mean, look at these people!

Regardless, in terms of losing weight and keeping it off, I'm climbing back on. I like to think I was pushed off of this little contraption after our feasting weekend in Nashvhille. I have been dragging along behind it, barely hanging on, ever since.

I am posting because accountability is key for me and putting it "out there" helps. Now that my official ww weigh-in's are over, I needed somewhere to share - and sometimes Chris just won't due.

Tangent: You see, Chris is not one to 'weigh in' (haha, pun intended, sorry) on weight issues. He rarely compliments me when I am down a few pounds, nor does he say a word when I am up five. I have been both 150 pounds and 115 in the time that we have been together and he has told me I have looked beautiful the entire time. And while I would like to think "...he loves me just the way that I am", I think reality is that he's just a very. smart. man. and I love him for it.

Tanget aside, that's why Chris can't be my source of accountability and why I'll be boring you now and again about my progress. Posting "stats" feels a little funny to me, but I do like sharing goals, advice, struggles, etc. for anyone in the same boat...

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