"The One with the Videotape"...

Do you remember this Friend's episode?

No, I am not talking about the main part of the episode in which Ross and Rachel argue about who came on to who first and find a "videotape" to prove that Rachel came on to Ross - (although this may be more exciting)...

I am talking about the portion in which Monica and Chandler hit it off with another couple on their honeymoon who live in same area back home, only to find out upon their return that the couple gave them a 'fake' number. This sends them into a tailspin about why on earth they would have been given a fake number and each of them blames the other person for what they could have done to cause for such extreme measures...pretty funny.

Anyways, recently Chris and I have had our own little version of the blame game...

About a month ago, we were invited to our first real 'neighborly' dinner next door. M&M, as we'll call them for short (and for a small bit of privacy), had us over after M. and Chris went for a bike ride. I was pretty darn excited about our new neighbors and having some "couple friends" - (i know, gag), right next door! M. and Chris have a lot in common from mountain biking to working construction, and as for the other M. and myself?! Well, let's be real, I get along with just about anyone who is willing to listen me gab about nothing for a few solid hours and will laugh at my attempts to make jokes...

We left dinner that night feeling satisfied with the yummy meal and more importantly, our conversation skills. Like a great interview, we debriefed. "Wow honey - You were great," I said. "You really had M. excited about that trail ride in Fort Collins. And - man, that story about hiking Conundrum - perfect!"

"Thanks," Chris replied. "You were pretty awesome yourself. I think they loved the tales about your catering woes, your shopping addiction and the hilarious re-caps of our Hawaii trip last year. And, mmmm, that dessert you brought over - delish. Nice going!"

"Yea, pretty sure they loved us." High. Five.

Errr....maybe not.

Eager to see and talk to our new friends the next day, I practically tripped over myself as I ran out of the house when I saw M. watering his lawn. Like a total nerd, I waived and said, "Hi there! Thanks again for last night. We loved it!"

And then out of M's mouth....the impossible. A simple head nod and nonchalant, "Sure."

"Sure?" What? Did I hear him right...I must not have. I waited for something more. Nope - Nothing. "Sure?" Aghhh!!

I called Chris immediately.

"....and then he said, sure! Sure, Chris! What happened? Was something said when I was lingering in the restroom admiring their vacation pictures? Did you eat one too many burgers? AND - by the way, I'm pretty positive that look you gave their dog was less than nice after she licked your feet. Chris!! What did you do?"

"Me?" Chris started, "...me? I think your third glass of Pinot probably made you look a little desperate. I mean, it was Sunday night! And poor Meghan couldn't get a word in edge wise because you were blabbering on per usual. And didn't you ask for your burger medium rare? That's hard to do, you know. No way, this is not my fault."

"Humph" x 2.

Since that day, we have seen them several more times - obviously. They live next door. No mention has been made of 'that night'. I try not to sound overly eager when all I really want to do is hang out and compliment M. on her new scarf and Chris settles for a head nod and friendly , "what's up man?" In reality, all the poor guy wants to do is share his tale of an epic bike ride that morning and how he wished M. could have joined. Yes, we have toned it down and have become complacent in our roles of "...just the neighbors". Sigh.


After a pretty long (and pretty awesome for that matter) conversation at a mutual neighbor's party on Saturday, M&M knocked on our door yesterday and invited us back for dinner last night! Woo hoo! Chris came in and said, "Hey! Guess what? M&M just asked if we wanted to come over! Do we?!" Me...,"Um....do we?! Heck yes! I've really missed them. I knew it wasn't us! I mean, clearly..."

And so we went, we dined, we laughed, we conversed - for 4 hours. We conquered.

Dinner was amazing. I brought over cheesy beer bread which smelled heavenly. I didn't ask for my burger any particular way. I stopped at 1.5 Rum & Pineapples. Chris stuck to Coors Light, and made everyone laugh multiple times with stories about the job site and we all shared common "summer goals" which included camping, beer fest, hiking and jazz in the park. Yep....pretty sure they love us again. And, we love them!

On a serious side note...M. just recently finished chemo rounds and a serious battle with cancer. She kicked some a** and we think that she is simply incredible. Truly. And honestly, they could not be better neighbors. We feel thankful to have them in our lives. And even I can live with a simple, "...sure" now and again :)

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