kind of excited

Let me tell you why...

A) It's Friday! For me, this means flavored creamer in my morning coffee, wearing my favorite jeans/flats/gray cardigan at work, a day off from running, happy hour sushi with a handsome man, a second glass of wine and a bedtime that is later than 9:30. I know, pretty crazy...

B) It's May. I finally get to flip my month by month desk calender from 'April' to 'May'. I have 5 valid excuses to eat Birthday cake this month and plan to use them all. I will run 6.2 miles in the Boulder Boulder. And, I get my dose of Lisa Rupp's monthly calendar download below. You can download for free by visiting her site. Stummped on how to use them? Click here for ideas.

C) It's Derby time! And while I'm not exactly sure what this even means, I have gathered from our 'Kentucky Derby Party!' invitation that the day will include:

Mint Juleps - I have researched and have come up with the conclusion that a Mint Julep = a Southern and more reee-fhhiined version of my go-to summer cocktail, the Mojito. Perfection.

"...The two most exciting minutes in sports" - 2 minutes, that's all?! What a concept. No belabored quarters, B-lister half-time acts or wasting away on the couch, drinking beer and morphing into "one of the guys" for an afternoon.

Hats! - Any excuse to go thrifting and find an obnoxious, fancy and feathery piece of fashion sounds like fun to me. On Saturday, you may find me in a version of the following:

On second thought, you may not.
Have a great weekend~

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