Here's What I've Got:

1. Chris's sister, Leigh, her husband, Ryan, and our nephew, Gabe arrived to CO on Saturday. It has been great to see them. Gabe is a doll and I want to clone him. Creepy? Perhaps...but he's too cute to care.

2. We let the cat out on his harness and leash on Saturday. I'd say it was pure embarrassment for all involved. He hated it ...and us. He was mean to us the rest of the day and sat in a corner in the basement pouting. We thought it was best not to bother him.

3. Our camera broke this weekend, or the battery did, or something. The girl on the phone at the Casio 'help' desk was in fact very unhelpful and rude taboot. I always wonder if anything happens to them, as this call was "...monitored and recorded for quality insurance purposes." Pretty sure there was no quality insurance going on. Anyways, this has prevented us from taking pictures of the cat's outing and....

4. Mestizo's cd release party. Chris's brother in-law, Mark, and his band released their newest album and it is simply amazing. I feel a bit honored that they played at our wedding, my only regret was taking pictures during one of the best parts of the evening. Listen to them here.

5. Lawnmowers, weedwackers and grass seed - oh my! That's where our money went this weekend. We hope it was worth it and the little seeds start to grow. I also planted some flowers and spread wildflower seed in our flower bed area - I am already starting to see tiny sprouts. Fun!

6. Was supposed to run my longest run before the Bolder Boulder on Saturday. I mapped it out on Friday and headed out with confidence Sat. morning. I was supposed to run 6.5 miles and was home in an hour. I was elated. That is, until I realized I took a wrong turn and only ran 5. Boo. We shall see how Monday goes....I hope I can do 6.2.

7. We will have a new niece or nephew in November. Chris's sister, Erin, is pregnant with their 4th! We are very excited about this but have yet to make any commitments promising to babysit all of them at one time....yet ;) Apparently Jack, the oldest, was quite horrified and worried that the doctor just found a baby in mommy's tummy when they showed him the ultrasound. "What?! They just found that in there, Mom? Ahh!" was his reaction I think.

8. My brother in-law, Pat, returns from a year in Afghanistan in early June. The time cannot come soon enough, as I know my sister and Cutter have missed him dearly. Michelle is a trooper, however, and has been through 3 deployments with her husband gone for months at a time...hopefully this was the last. I don't think I could handle having to see them without their third wheel one more time.

9. I had a delicious breakfast-Gyro pita, french fries and strawberry milkshake late Saturday night (a few beers and I am sold on late night dining). It's been awhile since I've had some good ol' fashioned, j-u-n-k food and I didn't regret it one bit the next morning...breakthrough!

That's about it for now - enjoy the afternoon!

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