How do you do it?

I mean, I know how you do it (so no need to post a comment giving me an answer), but really, how are your prices just that much lower than my beloved red-basketed counter part?

Your trends may not always be quite up to par and I may feel a bit (aka: totally) out of place as the blond haired blue eyed white girl as I walk into your Denver's Northeast neighborhood location, but you really do swoon me with your prices.

I took the leap of faith last night after realizing that my 4-year old nieces birthday party decor was outdoing my entire household ensemble. I had a come-to-jesus over all of the loot that covered our dining room table and made 'Keep' (because this stuff really is that adorable) piles and 'Return' (because it's a 4 year-old's birthday party for goodness sakes, not a freaking wedding!) piles and decided, grudgingly, to head to ol' Wally for what remained on my list.

Mind you, I have seen the Michael Moore films, WalMart The Documentary, read Fast Food Nation and am cautiously aware of their buying power monopoly that they hold over the little guys- and I have sworn off that Smiley Face "mascot" time and time and again. But, what, with $2.50 pints of Ben & Jerry's, $1.50 Crystal Light packets, $1.00 paper products and a whole bargain home section dedicated to the latest trends (i.e., stuff that I can't resist right now but will most likely hate in a month), who can really say no to this box store full of crap / completely necessary items? Not to mention I found a sea of pink birthday stuff perfectly suitable, and much more reasonable, for a little girls 'Garden Party' on Saturday.

I. am. excited.

All in all a good trip with loads of savings.

Thoughts on WalMart....Love it? Hate it? Ban it?


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

I would love to HATE it, but I sheepishly admit that sometimes I just LOVE it. Eek!

Anonymous said...

I have the same struggle! I love Target but you can't beat the prices at the Wally...what to do??

Hope you have a good weekend!