...I'm back to banning WalMart. They can't look up returns on your credit card - you must have the receipt. And the woman behind the counter calls you "Sweetheart" with a snide tone. Yuck.

In other news, I hung out with two of my best girlfriends on Friday evening - it was great to catch up with them, relaxing, sharing, laughing. And although the company was great, the feast Steph made was perhaps the best part of the evening. Note: Artichokes, Spinach, Feta Cheese and Olive Oil make a good pizza. BUT, add Apricots, and you've got yourself a gourmet pie! To. Die. For. I brought dessert and tried my hand at homemade whipped cream over berries and drizzled dark chocolate on top. Skipped the pastry shell because Steph is allergic, but really, didn't even miss it. I have been trying to delete empty carbs and sugar out of my diet here and there and have noticed such a positive difference in how I feel. It has helped make the scale move again too, which I have been struggling with - a few more pounds and I will be at my GOAL that I set in January! Slooow and semi-steady wins the race I suppose?! sigh.

Maddie's Garden Party was a complete success and I had a great time decorating and organizing for it (poor Erin had no choice but to let me take the reigns on this one bc I was having so much fun). Not to mention it was fun to spend the day with the birthday girl! I am interested in promoting event services to family and friends as something to do on the side, so this was hopefully a foot in the right direction to get me going...

I am participating in my first blog swap tomorrow and am gathering "my favorite things" to send to my new swap partner, Melanie. A blogging friend that I have found, Stacey, formed this little swap business and paired those who wanted to be a part of it randomly. The idea is to show your partner (whom you've never met) a little bit about you, while receiving some fun things too. We both will send packages to each other with a few of our favorite things. Kind of like a pen pal - but better in my opinion. Getting a package vs. getting a letter?! Both nice, but clearly, the former is more fun to open. Once I know Melanie receives mine, I'll post about what I sent.

Lastly, I had the opportunity presented to me last week to take advantage of a fam (familiarization) trip for work to Cancun! Um, yes, please. Better yet, I get to bring Chris. We are very excited for the little adventure, and while I will be working and have a very full schedule for the 4 days we are there, there is no doubt that a trip to Mexico for work is not a bad gig to say the least! With that...

Chris and I have felt very blessed lately. We have been feeling very full in our lives, and it is a great feeling. Not necessarily monetarily speaking and not in terms of things (because we always struggle with feeling content in these areas), but more in the sense of having each other, our families, our health, our home, our faith, our jobs, our friends, our neighbors, our ability to pay our bills, the opportunities we are so often presented with and the list goes on. Although it's not "a lot" in some standards, it reallyis so much and sometimes we wonder why we deserve it all. We decided today to take a drive to Breckenridge and visit the church where the pastor that married us is located. Jimmy (no, he is not 5 by the way - he's just that cool) Humphreys runs Great Divide Calvary up there and we absolutley love it! As you may have read from previous posts, we have struggled finding a church that we feel comfortable with and have yet to find something here in Denver that suits us like GDC does in Breckenridge. I wish I could say we would make the 1.5 hour drive weekely for church, but it's just not realistic. Regardless, it was nice spending the morning with each other and talking with Jimmy and his wife after the service. Chris and Jimmy about biking trails in the area and me and Sabrina about which boutique I had to hit up in town -important stuff. Anyways, they are such great people have an awesome fellowship - it was a fulfilling morning for sure.

Okay, I'm off now to eat some Ben and Jerry's, Cherry Garcia. I didn't say I have given up all empty sugar - I'm not crazy!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Ooooh, pictures, pictures, pictures of Maddie's party please! I cannot wait to see it! Yes, it's 12 midnight... I cannot sleep and need to be at the airport with you at 7:30 am.... yikes!

Russ and Kara said...

How exciting for you to get to go to Mexico! When is your trip? Sounds like everything is going great. I'm so glad that you're life is feeling full. It's such a blessing to share your life with someone and be happy in yourselves, as well as with each other. Good luck finding a church. Russ and I struggled with that also.