chris + tiff = love... (usually)

tiff: "what's wrong, do you not like dinner?"
chris: "I do, I just wonder why when I talk about work you're not interested and when you talk about work, you expect me to get excited"
tiff: silence.
chris: "What? Are you mad?"
tiff: silence.
chris: "Are you going to say something? I mean I feel like if people asked what I do you wouldn't know all that i do."
tiff: "What?! I listen to you ALL the time. That is so unfair. And so NOT true. You are a Mechanical Engineer for a construction company and you put together RFP's."
chris: "No. I am a Project Engineer for a mechanical company and I put together RFI's. See?"
tiff: "Well exuse me. ugh. I mean it's a lot of words to keep track of. What do I do then, huh? What's my title?"
chris: silence.
tiff: "huh?"
chris: silence.
tiff: pick up dishes and LOUDLY clean up dinner and load the dishwasher. Chip a plate.
chris: smirks at me for chipping the plate.
tiff: "You are not perfect!!!!!" and storm out of the room. For some reason I feel the need to pull out this line every time we fight - totally random!
chris: An hour later, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad"

Now, this is where it gets worse - I can not move on. Read:

tiff: "well, you really hurt my feelings. Why do you have to say things like that?"
chris: "I know, that's why I'm sorry."
tiff: "well, I'm still sad. You hurt my feelings. Are you really sorry?"
chris: "YES. I am sorry.
tiff: "I mean, Chris, I do listen to you. And you really did hurt my feelings. Why do you have to say that to me?"
chris: walks out of the room.
tiff: "Well, okay. Fine. It's fine. I mean, I just wish you didn't say that."
chris: silence.
tiff: "Ahhh. whatever. it's fine. But, I mean....
chris: "OKAY! Enough."
tiff: "Well, it's just. Chris. you hurt my feelings. Why did you say that?"
tiff: Reading the VERY unpleasant look on his face: "Okay, okay, I know. Fine. I'm over it. I'm sorry."
tiff: "want to come on a walk with me?"
chris: "No thank you."
tiff: "Are you kidding me? No thank you?! See, you aren't sorry. You're still mad. Ugh. This is not MY fault! Fine, I'm going by myself. Hmph."
chris: "okay, please leave."
tiff: slams door. Comes back in. "Really you are not coming? Why?"

...Oh yes folks, this nothing-ness fight continues until morning - I think we were still fighting during our sleep. We were still cranky when we grudgingly gave each other a hug this morning.

Pretty sure he thinks I am a pain in the you know what....

BUT - I love him. I love Chris and can't think of anyone I would rather be fighting with (if that makes sense). After all, I AM a pain. We'll get over it - until next time.

Ah, such is life.

I'm sorry husband. I think you are the best project engineer for your mechanical company ever. Please forgive me.

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