Where's the Beach?

We're back from Cancun and this is the first question I asked after waking up this morning to cold, damp weather!

Chris and I had a lovely time, despite it being a very busy (but informative) trip for me. I am glad that we were able to go. I think our time in paradise was just right- after all, there is only so long I can sip on endless caloric Mojitos...sigh. Rough life I am told.

Anyways, for your reading pleasure, here is my semi-professional recap of our experience in Cancun during the past 4 days.

Cancun's beaches are pristine. With movie-like crystal blue water and fine white sands, I have yet to see another coastline as picture perfect (Note: Cabo, Costa Rica, California and Hawaii have all been included in the running).

The service in Mexico is impeccable. Hotel staff, tour guides and locals in the area are willing and happy to help you at a moments notice. The majority speak English and love to help with your skills (or lack there of) in Spanish.

Cancun is the place to do...virtually nothing. In a good way for most - but in a bad way for adventure enthusiasts. While there are a few tours such as snorkeling, shopping, sailing and day trips to Chichen Itza and Telum, plan on reading a book, sitting on the beach and soaking up some (very hot) rays, as activities are usually exhausted in the first two to three days. Cancun is the perfect 3-4 day trip.

Cancun, and Mexico in general, is hurting for our business. Most of the resorts are hurting in terms of keeping their staff employed due to lack of tourism - and some are running on as low as 9% occupancy. While that's nice in terms of avoiding crowds, most want to go on vacation where the resorts are buzzing, the nightlife is plentiful, and the dining outlets are busy enough to know that something is not wrong with the restaurant. Honestly, it is sad to see...these hotels NEED business. Mexico could not catch a break this year.

After site inspecting several hotels, dining at several locations and staying in a beautiful property, I can say that there is no reason to exclude Mexico from travel plans. There are no Mexica drug cartels on the resort beaches, no one walking around with masks and no epidemics that seem to be looming. Although, they will hold a funny thermometer up to your skin in the airport to take your temperature...

Lastly, Coco Bongo is perhaps the. best. night club I have ever been to. What with impersonators from Elvis to Britney and Cirque de Soliel style acrobatics combined with a few of those shots with the salt and lime, it's bound to be a delightful evening (and, ahem, a rough morning). Good thing Chris and I were some of the early ones home - at 2:30am.

Ooh - and a random fact:

- Cancun can be translated to mean "The Nest of Snakes". Kind of creepy, right? Before settling here, this strip had more species of snakes than anywhere in Mexico. Relax - I did not see a one during the trip and am told that they moved out almost 20 years ago.

We're glad to be back, but looking at these pictures sure makes me ready to book a flight again soon! Enjoy.

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Beth said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a blast.