In 1 hour, I will have embodied the word.

I am going to do the unthinkable and cheat. Cheat on my sexy, sweet and stylin'....hairstylist. Of 9 years.

For reasons that are too complicated and too private to discuss here, I think that it's time we 'part' ways (hehe, pun intended) for awhile.

I have been wanting to take my highlights to new places, create layers where they haven't been created and give my locks to the hands of someone new as of late.

Ah, yes, that time has come and I am both nervous and excited for my new journey.

Wish me luck that
a) I don't run into said hairstylist / victim of such a deceitful act at the grocery store this week or worse, that....
b) I regret my decision so much that I have to go crawling back to her begging for forgiveness and a "FIX THIS" hair emergency tomorrow. And lastly,
c) That my highlights will have the perfect mix of warm and cool undertones as this beauties do below:


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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Hope it went well, and I LOVE the color and cut of Reese's hair in that picture- so adorable... wish mine could look like that.