The Swap...

As promised, it's time to share my favorite things with you from the swap. I know you are on the edge of your seat dieing to know. Right?

My "favorites" have officially been sent off and have taken up residence in North Carolina at my swap partner, Melanie's, humble abode.

Because I kind of suck, I have no pictures - gah. I was rushing around before my trip to get this out the door on time. But I was pleased with the items chosen and the, if-I-do-say-so myself, packaging - a Colorado brewed 6-pack case. Sidenote: Chris and I keep these to store random things (candles, napkins, tools, etc.) and they make great gift packaging too. Tie a bow on the handle and you are now a creative, resourceful and awesome gift giver.

Regardless, here's what I sent:

1. Swedish fish - no explanation necessary
2. Cute Cocktail napkins. Obviously. For an explanation, check out this post.
3. A white framed 'June' calendar from Lisa Rupp. Hmm, this post.
4. Two votive candle holders. One clear glass with bubbles and one viewable in this post.
5. An authentic, can't get it anywhere but here, homegrown, Mestizo (semi-famous brother-in-laws band) cd. Check. them. out.

I will take some pictures of the equally awesome items that Melanie sent to me and post about them tomorrow!

Because this was so much fun and clearly better than having a pen pal, would anyone be interested in doing a similar swap later this summer - Anyone, anyone?

Let me know!

Post Script
For your convenience, I will now be labeling my posts. For a list-making, organized, lover of all things categorized, I am surprised I have not done this already...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the swap box, Tiffany! I had a great time! I'm looking forward to swapping in September again for our 25th birthdays...wow, a quarter of a century. Seems old to me! Hope you have a nice weekend!