Sunday - Saturday

As mentioned in several previous posts, I am what you might call, a bit of planner. By trade, by nature, by desire. I plan my outfits, our weekends, his meals, my errands, our future and about everything in between. I feel relaxed when everything is in it's place, on schedule and organized. I tend to think I am pretty good at keeping things in order, however, lately, we have been so busy, that I feel like the little things are escaping me. And because I know better than to think things will ever slow down completely, I decided I needed a plan (a more detailed plan that is) to keep me on track.

For example, I feel like the laundry has been piling up until the basket is ready to topple over, the bathroom has been neglected for weeks, I have a check from June that I still need to cash, a stack of thank you cards to write, and more "return" piles in my car than I know what to do with. Accomplishing these little things with a husband, friends, family, an 8-5 job and a life for that matter, requires quite the balancing act. My hat is off to those of you who throw a kid or two into the mix!

And so, yesterday afternoon, I did the extreme. I put together a Sunday - Saturday routine to keep me from going nuts.

Some would find this crazy (and let's face it, slightly annoying), but I find it therapeutic. Just knowing that things will. get. done., and now on a designated day, makes me happy as a clam. Here's what my week looks like.

Sunday: AM - Bills and Letters, PM - Grocery List and Plan Menus for the Week
Monday: AM - Work Out, PM - Grocery Shop
Tuesday: AM - Laundry and Iron, PM - Trash, Recycling and Cat Stuff
Wednesday: AM - Work Out, PM - Run Errands, Do Returns
Thursday: AM - Light Chores and Cleaning, PM - Personal Appointments and Maintenance
Friday: AM & PM - Free Day
Saturday: AM - Work Out, PM - Deep clean the house 1x per month

Chris quickly saw that this did not include hanging out with him, making dinner, feeding the cat, meeting up with our friends, etc. I'm pretty sure he thought our lives were about to take a turn for the worst - heh heh. I had to ensure him that this is obviously ON TOP of the day-to-day things that get scheduled in.

Anyways, I made a simple excel doc., laminated it and posted it up in our kitchen. I am already loving it - Have gotten my run in and have my returns lined up for after work today!

What do you do to stay organized? I am ALWAYS up for the latest in organization techniques...


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Only you Tiff, only you! :)

Iza said...

I think that is the best idea I have heard all year!