Current Obsession


And lucky for me, we have one large blank canvas downstairs that is waiting to be filled.

I have had the idea of filling up this bad boy with eclectic pictures and prints in varying sizes, all in white frames. And because Etsy provides endless opportunities to find fabulously addictive, handmade items for purchase, this may easily be a reality.

And no, for the record, Chris does not let me completely rule the household decor.

In fact, I sense some type of all out war regarding the basement furnishings. The poor guy wants a pool table and/or a poker table down here - A man cave of sorts. While I prefer a calm, relaxing reading/office/guest space. And as far as I can tell in the way of compromise, pretty letterpress + a manly pool table = a 'pretty' pool room? Hmm, not so much.

All I'm saying is that he might be wise to get a move on with this pool table business, seeing as how I may or may not have already purchased a few of the prints below (and have no problem hanging em' right up upon arrival):

(this one will go in the kitchen - a "gift to me" with purchase, lol) purchase here

Amanda, don't completely hate me for getting a print that you have - I just love it too much! purchase here

purchase here

TYH and Kate have intorduced me to this fun one (thank you!) purchase here

purchase here

purchase here

purchase here

purchase here

Here are a few more that I think are very sweet...

purchase here

I love the simplicity of them all - soothing in a way, don't you think?


Russ and Kara said...

I was just introduced to Etsy this week. Such a cool website!!

melhuff said...

Yes, I love the letterpress idea! Very cute! And yes, I'm looking forward to our birthday swap in September as well :)

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Holy cow, you did some definite damage on Etsy girl! I almost came by your house tonight to see the basement on my way home from the airport- annoying, accident on I-70 so I got diverted to 223 to Colfax and all the way back down Colorado to 270 to get to Brians. Ugh. I didn't stop because I feared if I stopped I would never make it to Brian's and probably fall asleep on your couch, haha!

Tiffany and Chris said...

hehe. Well, I only purchased three of these. The others on the never-ending wish list ;)