The Good, The Bad & The Scary

Let me sum up our weekend...

The Good:

- Chris and I were finally able to surprise my parents with the news of OUR NEW CAR!!!! My other (more sensible, modest and all around better) half requested that I did not shout out the news to the blogging world when we purchased it last week, as he informed me that yes indeed, Tiffany, that would be bragging. And so, I will spare you, er...him, the pictures I insisted taking at the dealership giving up our Troop, the first pic. of the new car, the first ride, the first pull into the driveway (okay, not really), I'm just really excited! We decided on a Subaru after much debate, and honestly, I could not be happier with the decision.

- Sunday morning brunch and (bottomless) mimosas with girlfriends at Max's in Wash Park. This was good a) because brunch is my favorite meal. b) because anything bottomless is awesome. c) I have not laughed that hard in awhile with my friends. d) We tried a new restaurant that has now reserved a spot on my top-10! It was a great morning.

- Lastly, I ran 6 miles on Saturday!

The Bad:

- I ran 6 miles on Saturday - don't let me fool you into thinking it's all that good.

The Scary:

- We think that someone may have tried to break into our little abode this morning. We have window alarms on all of our windows that blare with any vibration or tap. Sure enough, at 4:00 am this morning, the main window in our basement went off. It all happened so fast that Chris was downstairs to confornt the said perpetrator (um, what? scary) faster than I got up and fully realized what was taking place. Chris yelled for me to call 911, and I asked if he was sure (I thought the cat might have set it off). After he yelled back, "YES, the cat was sleeping by me. I am sure. CALL 911 NOW", I obeyed. Yikes. I was now officially scared.

Chris came back up while I was still on the phone with the dispatcher and confirmed that nothing was broken or really looked "fishy" and he started looking out the upstairs windows for any evidence. The cops showed up minutes later and Chris and he did a walk through in and around the property. Nothing.

The officer pointed out that there was spider web in the window well where the alarm went off that was not broken at all. In addition, thanks to my lack of gardening, there are several bushes and weeds in the window well that were not matted down at all. If someone had been standing in there, the web would have most likely been broken and the bushes matted. These are our only clues to tell us that someone wasn't there, but that maybe it was a small animal, or even better, just a fluke. This thought was enough to keep me semi-calm until morning came. I am curious, though, what exactly happened...

We're just thankful that this was the extent of it. I can pretty much guarantee that it will be several weeks before I sleep soundly again. Lucky for me, I have a pretty brave and patient husband who will look into every closet, cupboard and shower, multiple times, if I ask him to.

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Russ and Kara said...

Our alarm went off about a week ago too! It's so unnerving to wake up to that ringing in the middle of the night. Make sure Chris checks those closets until you feel safe again :)