Morning Mayhem

About once a month, disaster strikes inside the walls of the Kampsnider household.

Chris knows it because he comes home to a tornado full of clothes on the floor, hangers strewn about, ironing boards up, hair dryer plugged in, towels in sink, make up in various parts of the house, breakfast dishes in sink, coffee half drank near the door, blinds up, bed not made, pillows on the floor, music still going, tv on.

I know it, because I create it. And it is generally centered around one small article of clothing that is making my life miserable.

Take today's fashion woe - my new gray and yellow cloth belt with birds and leaves and twigs - oh my! The one that I thought was such a steal for $9 and would go with everything but instead has been sitting in my closet for about two months. The one that I have previously tried it on, shrugged, taken off and hung back up.

But not today. Today, I was going to wear it. I was going to get every penny of my $9 worth out of the thing. And so, for almost an hour, I tried on, peeled off, tried on, peeled off, tried on, cursed, and peeled off shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and sweaters.

By the way, for the love, can someone tell me why I am the only person who can not wear these things over a cardigan? Seriously a dilemma for me at 8:15 am (which also happended to be 15 minutes late to work).

I am finally wearing the darn sash/belt/MAYHEM creator. I like to think I won the battle because it just may look kind of cute. But, honestly, it won. Our house is a mess, I was late to work and it is constricting my abdomen. Pretty sure I won't be going through the trouble again for several more months.

In other (awesome) news, I think that we may be getting a new car!!! Turns out we are the perfect Cash for Clunkers candidates. The ol' troop is on her last leg with the ticking, the broken windows, the leaking roof.

We have never had a new car and are super excited. We went looking at CRV's (hers) and Ourback's (his) last night. I think we'll end up with the Outback, which I was not too fond of at the beginning. But seeing as how it will be mostly Chris's car and a family car a little later, I am starting to come around. He looked great in it. And we have read and keep hearing how reliable they are. We can't wait and I am hoping things work out. By 10:30 last night, we were exhausted with the car salesman and couldn't make any decision clearly... in fact, we were about to sign for something way over the budget we set - it's amazing how they get you to believe you can afford the monthly payments of "just a few more bucks a month". Annoying.

Today is a new day though, we'll see!


Brandee said...

I definitely could have written this post myself. Our guest room has my closet in it...and we did that on purpose for just such events. After a tornado of 'this looks bad, this looks bad, this doesn't fit, i just want to wear these shoes, why doesn't anything go with these shoes..." the clothes tend to sit for at least 24 hours. Shockingly, Tony doesn't want to sleep amongst piles of my clothes.

ALSO...Last August I got an Outback and it has been, hands down, the best purchase (car or otherwise) I have ever made. Go for it!

Tiffany and Chris said...
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Carolyn said...

i'm all for the outback!! i have one and am obsessed. except for it sits in colorado while i adventure in hawaii. what is a girl to do?