When did you first realize that you were an adult?

As our second wedding anniversary approaches along with my 25th birthday in just 2 weeks, I have been feeling a slight case of my once-every-365-days-where-does-the-time-go? flu.

Our life seems to be rapidly flying by per usual, and Chris and I made a funny observation the other day. Have you ever noticed that when people turn 25 (ahem), they say that their life is a fourth over? Then, 30 hits, and suddenly life is a third over. And at 40, my god, life is already half over. Funny how it seems people decrease their own life spans the older they get. In my flu-like state, I made Chris promise me that WE would never do this. He agreed, as he does not care for my once a year woe is me (and by default you too) our life is disappearing, illness much.

During this intense fourth of the way through life crisis, I have had time to reflect on the question to the essay contest that I am thinking about entering (thank you Jane for suggesting!!) via Real Simple.

The question reads: "When did you first realize that you were an adult?"

Seems simple (pun intended) enough, doesn't it?

I have my obvious answers of: duh, when we signed on the dotted line for our house. Or, when I had to let go of my father's hand at the alter on our wedding day, sniff. Or maybe when I packed up my stuff and headed to...cue the OC theme song...."Caa-lif-orn-ia, Caaaaaaa-lif-orn-ia, Here We C-ooooooo-me" for college. All appropriate, and adult-like, moments in my life I would say.

But really, the true answer has not hit me yet and the question is proving much harder than it did at first glance. I am fearing that I may have not yet had (or worse that I missed), that moment in which I felt, "I am now an adult". Jury is still out on this...

I would love to hear your personal "I'm an adult" moment. and I promise not to steal - ;)


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Deep Tiff. Hope you find the answer and win the contest, you could!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Really cute blog! I just found your from Elphantias.

Where did you go to school in CA?

I have lots of "adult" moments. Like when I don't want to go clubbing on Friday nights and would rather watch a movie with the hubby. Or when I realize that we have a home mortgage, a joint checking account, 401ks and if we screw this up no one is bailing us out.

But most of the time I still feel like a youngin. The thought of being someone's parent in the next few years freaks me out.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Tiff! I would have to say my most "adult moment" was last year when I bought my car. I haven't bought a house yet so my car was my first "make payments" type purchase. It still makes me feel like an adult each month when I fork over the dough for that car.

I have an "adult moment" about once a day though. Like when I decide to eat Cheerios to help reduce my cholesterol, or when I choose not to go out on a week night because I need to be at work on time the next morning, or when I wake up at 7 am on Saturday because my body doesn't know how to sleep anymore (darn that stupid 8-5).

But the truth is, being an adult is liberating. It has it's moments but being a young adult where we are now, these are the best years of our life (so I hear). :)

P.S. Yay for September Birthdays!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Starting a retirement account was definitely my adult moment!
On a side note, I've decided that my lifespan will be a firm 100!