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Whilst thinking about what to post on this Friday morning, it occurred to me that I have mentioned plenty of things in previous posts that I have never bothered to follow up with.

And so, taking into account that you probably have been patiently waiting on the edge of your seats for updates (wink wink), I thought I would take a little trip down Previous-Blog-Post-Lane...

A while back in this post, I mentioned that I was going to train for the Big Sur Half-Marathon for this coming November. Update: While I did begin to train with very good intentions, I have since decided against the Half. Partially due to the time of year and that the travel portion won't work out. But if I am being really honest here, mostly because I don't know that I really want to run 13.5 miles. Bleh. I completed my first 10 k in May and think I'll continue to ride that wave for a while. I do continue to run 3x per week at an average of 4 miles each run for exercise, though, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I have just lost the motivation to bump it up and 'train' - and I'm okay with that...for now.

And in this post, I mentioned getting back on the weight watchers band wagon and meeting my goal weight. Update: I am a bit more pissed at this one (excuse the language - after all I fessed up to my horrible habit in this post) and am struggling with it. I stopped going to ww meetings several months ago due to being thisclose to my goal weight and not wanting to pay anymore. Well, I am still not at my goal and have fallen of the forsaken wagon. In fact, I have gained back 2 pounds. And, again, keep in mind that at 5'2, 2 pounds is enough to feel it. I tend to get to a point where I am comfortable enough with how I feel and I simply don't want to invest the time into counting points, writing everything down, measuring my portions, etc. I also get frustrated that no one else seems to have to do this to maintain their weight. For me, however, I have found that it is my only way to stay accountable in order to reach my goal (...that and maybe give up my nightly chocolate dose and second glass of wine). The good news is that I know EXACTLY what I have to do to drop it and get back on track. That's the nice thing about weight watchers - the plan works. Honestly.

Here, I described how I was going to cheat on my hair-stylist. Update: I did. I shouldn't have. She took me back. AND for the record, I still don't have hair as wonderful as Reese Witherspoon, oh sigh.

About a year ago, in this post, I asked for prayers for my brother, Byron. Update: Last August was one of the hardest times in my family's life. Little did we know it would turn into one of the best. It is when my brother accepted treatment for his battle with alcoholism. He marked one year sober about two weeks ago. His life has changed for the better in ways that I can't begin to tell you. I am SO proud and in awe of his courage, strength and willingness to change his life when he was in such a dark place. I would love to write a post sometime just dedicated to the nature of this disease (I honestly believe that it is just that - a disease. I would have NEVER believed that a few years ago...) and what it does to the ones around them. I love you byron - here's to another year.

In this post, I wanted to paint our baby-blue-nursery-like wall a different color. Update: I'm lazy. Hasn't happened.

In this post, I made an annoying spreadsheet/daily routine calendar. Update: I use it and I love it. I don't follow it to a 't', surprise, surprise, but it does keep me on track. If for nothing else, a reminder of the miscellaneous things we have to do and a good way to fit everything in. I will say, however, that the dark mornings as of late are making it hard for the am 'Work Out' sessions to get done...hmm.

And finally, this post about being terrified about adding a few Rugrats, I mean lovely children, to our lives. Update: I have since calmed down for the moment and am just enjoying where we are at. I was also smitten to read this 'Maternal Moment' blurb days later, from my favorite blog for a good laugh, Elefantitis Alegres. I highly suggest you read, as it sums up several of my feelings towards parenthood and will have you laughing out loud.

And, that about sums up the previous-blog-updates my friends...

Happy Friday !

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Kate said...

Aw Thanks for the mention!

I have "goal weight struggles" as well! I've done WW successfully in the past but I'm not sure if I want to take the time and $ to do it again for a measly 10 lbs - that, or I'm just lazy!