The best laid plans

...are meant to be broken. That's how this weekend turned out for us.

Chris and I had planned a backpacking trip for my family this weekend down to the last details of snacks and breaks along the way. We rented and packed up all the necessary gear from REI and had all of the meals thought out. Mark even let us borrow his fishing gear and coffee thermos for an added bonus.

We were supposed to leave early Sunday morning and return back tonight.

On Saturday night, however, we received a huge rainstorm and a blast of unusually cold weather. We were going to ride it out and wait until morning, but at 6:00am on Sunday it was still raining and cloudy. We called off the adventure and Chris and I ended up taking off - I was a very pouty girl. I do NOT deal well with change of plans (yes, I am working on this...).

I was really looking forward to taking my mom, dad and brother on an overnight camping trip with us, as we have talked so much about the trips that Chris and I take.

Anyways, no sooner did we decide not to go and start alternate Sunday plans, that the skies quite literally opened up and produced one of the MOST beautiful days ever. Warm, sunny and fresh from the recent rain. We even called at 10:00am to have them meet us somewhere to try again, but by this point, everyone was about over it and didn't want to rush the hike in. I knew my mom really wanted to go though, so that was a bummer.

Regardless, Chris knew how to cheer me up so we went to breakfast and on a nice day hike. The best part were certainly the changing leaves - which we think are fairly early. Here are a few pictures:

Last night Chris made his first batch of chili for the season, and so Fall really felt like it was in the air for me. I must say, I enjoyed relaxing last night, but felt just as exhausted as if we had gone backpacking do to all of the planning, packing, unpacking, returning, etc. that we did, hah.

Today, Chris went back to work as not to take another vacation day, but I decided to stay home to hang out with my family before Byron leaves tomorrow. We'll probably go on a hike or hit some golf balls. Not the same as backpacking, sigh, but it will be nice to spend time.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

PS - did anyone see Kanye West swipe the mic. from Taylor Swift last night at the VMA's - what's with him ??!


Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

Mmm, Chris's Famous Chili! Sorry your plans got botched but enjoy your day off!

Mark said...

Where did you go for your hike? bummer you couldn't go camping.