Never (ending) Summer

Perhaps it's the fact that we have had functions nearly every night for the past three weeks. Or because it is an abnormally warm, 87 degrees out and I cannot pull off wearing boots and a sweater to work yet. Or maybe because I am taking (another) 3-day weekend this weekend for a family camping trip - whatever the reason, this summer has lingered a bit too long for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer. But, what I really love is pumpkin ale and gingerbread lattes and my brown cowboy boots and my mustard yellow antrho top and rusty red and orange leaves and crunchy sidewalks and harvest moons and apple cider and patches full of pumpkins. wah.

This Fall also holds some fun adventures for us including a trip to Virginia to visit my sister, a 3-day weekend to Cancun and the birth of our niece (okay, maybe not so much of an adventure for us, but fun nonetheless).

I have been in a funk these past few days with a few things and I think that these never ending days of summer are partially to blame. I just feel ready for a new season to begin - so bring it on Fall!

Anyone feel the same way?

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Sara CorrĂȘa d'Almeida said...

i will be wishing for some cool but not cold weather to come your way...