It's Officiall...

...y Fall!

Today marks the first official day of my favorite season. Imagine my sadness about the fact that the first day of the new season looks and feels more like Winter outside. boo. Grey, dreary, misty and 45 degrees. I was expecting an Indian Summer with crisp air, crunchy leaves and temperatures warm enough to enjoy a few evenings on a patio sipping on various harvest brews. Lucky for me Colorado is tricky with it's weather and my wishes may very well still come true.

Regardless I have been enjoying the excuse to wear some of my Fall staples. I drug them out a day early yesterday and strutted my mustard yellow flouncy blouse that is only appropriate for maybe 6 weeks out of the year. Today, a rusty orange wrap sweater with a grey skirt - both compliments of my favorite (and currently banned for a test in financial self - control) store, Anthro.

Our house got a mini fall makeover as well this past weekend. Berries replaced flowers in my vases, my wicker pumpkins came out and the pumpkin spice candles have finally been lit. The only thing left to do is visit a pumpkin patch to gather a few for our front porch. Last year was kind of a bust for pumpkin patch finding, so I will be starting nice and early this year to find one that is suitable. And by suitable I mean complete with fresh cider, a farmhouse, candy, hay rides and wooden signs with hand painted white letters directing you towards the barn - too much to ask?

Let's see, other than my annoying excitement towards the shift in weather, things are pretty much status quo around our house. That's good and bad for several reasons. Good because I enjoy and need routine and structure and predictability and calmness. Bad because tend to think I like excitement and being busy and challenges and change. It makes for some interesting conversations to say the least. Chris pretty much loves having a confusing, emotional, contemplative and expressive wife - what can I say, it's a good thing he found me ;)

Enjoy the day!

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