And so it goes...

New (and pretty awesome) Car = Hefty new car payment (and by new, I mean new to us. We had $0 car payments before this).

New Car Payment = Cutback on monthly expenses including cable, "allowances", grocery allotment and our eating out / entertainment spending.

Cutbacks = Just enough to get by "comfortably", pay off debt, pay monthly bills on time and manage to stash just a few bucks away in savings every month.

Comfortable DOES NOT = Sudden Cat drooling and foaming at the mouth/vet visit/prescription medication/possible surgery/ $$$.

Comfortable DOES NOT = $500.00 for license plates and taxes for said new car. Um, What?!

Comfortable DOES NOT = The Ford..."Focus On This (thanks Kara)" to start rumbling with jealousy in the form of her left wheel bearing knocking around at every turn resulting in TBD resolution on Monday morning and, I am quite sure, mucho dinero.

Comfortable DOES NOT = Microwave sparks when turned on 'High', causing Tiffany to have a mild heart attack when watching her yuumy-cheesy-cauliflower masterpiece heat up. So what if the microwave is possibly from freshman year of college (and a hand me down at that)?

Needless to say, things are a bit uncomfortable these days when it comes to money. Chris gets in a pretty bad mood about it - and rightfully so. I know he is stressed. And I don't think I help when I complain about missing my TLC shows every morning. Sorry Chris. I am a bad wife sometimes.

Clearly, I tend to think things will work out (they have always managed to in the past). I have also been the same girl to think that money grows on trees, however.

Due to above expenses (and really, doesn't there always seem to be something popping up. If not that, than this?) Chris is now wondering if the car is worth it. It's a tough call. I think that in the long run - yes, way worth it. It is a fantastic car and will last us for years to come. But right now, we are certainly feeling it. The problem is, we had to get a new car really -So my theory is that we made a smart decision by getting one that will last and suit us in 10 years from now rather than one to just fill a void for one or two?! While we are spending within our means and not making purchases on credit cards, at point does "within your means" become too tight?

Anyways, thoughts/prayers/financial god rain dances would all be appropriate for us right about now. thanks.

Oh, and Happy Friday. We are headed to the mountains with our neighbors. Camping, hiking, Fall leave admiring - all requiring very little $ spending. Can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain! I have been doing some cutting back of my own. First to go? Netflix...sooo sad. And getting use to a car payment is tough to do! I have had a car payment for a year now and it's still tough sometimes. I'm sure everything will work out. I hope your cat gets better soon!