Etsy Challenge

Whilst browsing Etsy today, I spotted another one of these:

and lots of this:
and several of these:

and this:
and that
and these in many prints:
and a non-challenge / "challenge" came to mind (you'll see why challenge is the wrong word here).

This year, I thought how fun it could be to purchase all Christmas gifts from the handcrafted numbers a la Etsy. After all, there is something for everyone and at all price points - in virtually one spot. Plus, I think everyone loves a gift chosen just for them!
This should satisfy my desire to purchase some of these beauties (but refrain because I can't quite justify) while combining my love of all, make that most, things handmade (but lack the skills to produce on my own). Brilliant.

I think I'll even do a blogging Christmas giveaway - I'm on a roll.

Oh, and in regards to yesterdays post. I do indeed break 1/4 of 100k. Because both my ego and college education were sorely offended, I had to clear that one up. Yea, not sure where I was at with that one - clearly my (elementary) math skills were not with me. I'm not even going to try and explain. But, I do feel better now. thankyouverymuch.

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