Good Things

Our life has been filled with them lately. Good news, good friends, good times, good food, good jobs - the list goes on. There are several days in which I can write 'Bad Things', but today is not one of them.

Perhaps it's the awesome weekend that we had or the new John Mayer song, "Who Says", playing on the radio that has me inspired, but whatever it is...it's good.

We had several of our friends over for Chili and Beer on Friday and had a great time. This little event gives us the chance to see several of our friends from high school and college whom we see all but once a year it seems. On Saturday, we went down to my dad's for a surprise visit on his birthday (6-9!! you would never know it - this man has not ONE grey hair) and hung out with him for a few hours. That afternoon, I made bread pudding for our neighborhood dinner party and think it turned out pretty delicious. Sunday Chris and I went for a run, to a movie and gathered a few groceries for our short 4-day week...4 days because we are heading to...

Cancun this weekend!!! I know, I know - gag. A "weekend jaunt" to Mexico. I also know that we were just there in June. Not fair, I agree. But so fun, right?! My extremely generous co-worker won a three-night trip, plus airfare to Cancun at an industry function and she and her fiancee can not go, as it must be used by November 15th. Chris and I happily "made it work" and we are going Friday - Monday. I may not make a 100k (or even break a 1/4 of that) in this industry, but the perks pretty much make up for anything in between. We are very grateful (and very excited to pull out those summer shorts and swim suits one last time).

Oh, and Chris made (and cleaned up) dinner last night. Spaghetti to be exact. A simple task that has left me happy as a lark for the past 18 hours.

PS - We have one more person to keep in your thoughts and prayers per our request: Chris's little brother (who is actually not so little and could in fact kick chris's butt - sorry babe), Mike. He is headed to Afghanistan on Thursday for the Marines and will be gone 7 - 12 months. I can not imagine his thoughts and anticipation these next few days before deployment and know that any support is much appreciated.

He is a good kid - you would be proud of who is defending our country. We love him and will miss him.

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