First 'Private' Post

Welcome - I'm so happy you all wanted to continue to read!

Let's debunk a few speculations of the new privacy act, shall we?

First - I am not pregnant.

Second - We are not moving.

Third - We did not win the Power ball lottery and were scared that the general public would come after us (okay fine, I made this one up in my head because I though how cool it would be if we did).

But, there has been plenty going on regardless. I am not sure even where to start. Soooo, let me do what I do best and provide you all with a list:

- My sister has been very sick in the last few months. We have shed many tears, shared many prayers and (I) have done my fair share of questioning, hating and pondering life. Long story short, the doctors think that Michelle may have Leukemia (I emphasize 'may', becuase I am really horrible when it comes to realizing that there are other possibilities here). She had Bone Marrow drawn last Thursday as well as several other tests, and we will not have results for another week. The waiting is by far the worst part for everyone. Prayers are requested for my sister and our family. I will go into more detail at a later date. But, today, I am feeling pretty hopeful about the situation. Today, I am just praying for a positive outcome. Today, I want to chalk all of this up to being simply a fluke. Today, I don't even want to belive that it could be real.

- We did not go and visit my sister in DC this past week due to all of the testing and the request for some family time and privacy for the time being. This was a bummer as I was anxious to see them and I miss my sweet nephew, Cutter. He really is the. sweetest.

- Chris's brother, Mike, leaves for Afghanistan in two weeks. He will be gone for 10 months. We just welcomed home Pat in August after 1.5 years of being over there and now we have to say bye to Mike. Ugh - I am sick of Afghanistan. But I am certainly grateful of them.

- Our camera broke. I am very sad about this. Very, very sad. I hope Santa brings us a new one this year.

- I have had the most bizarre week at work. Honestly, I could not make this shit (excuse the language) up if I tried. It involves one co-worker, a couple of affairs, an infection, a lost toe, a coma and about 12 years worth of lies! The good news is that this person is expected to live. The bad? Just about everything else. Not to mention several jaded and astounded co-workers. I will just say that I am disgusted, saddened and shocked at how some people choose to live their lives. No remorse here. not yet.

...and if you think that's a rant, imagine what an earful Chris has been getting for the past week. yikes - someone save him!

Moving on...

- Chris's sister, Erin, is due with baby #4 next month!! I can't believe how fast her pregnancy has gone (from an outsider's standpoint of course) and we are so excited to meet the new baby girl.

-Chris's other sister, Leigh, found out that she is expecting this Spring! I have been wanting to share this news for quite some time now, but wanted to let her make it public knowledge first. Congrats to her, Ryan and Gabe!

- My very good friend, Kim, just got engaged! I am so excited for her and Chris. I am excited for a weddding. I am exctied for wedding cake. I am excited to have another married friend. Woo hoo.

That's all I've got for now. And it's just about enough for me.


The Smaellies said...

that is a lot to catch up on! I hope everything turns out OK with your sister! Sounds like you are keeping busy, even if it is in a bizarre way!

Colleen Pate said...

I am so sorry about your sister. Please know that we are praying for your family and thinking of you during this difficult time. Sounds like you have had a lot going on. Send me an email if you want to "chat".
Love, Colleen

Pepper said...

Oh my gosh Tiff,

Please keep us posted on Michelle, if you need anything let us know we will help in any way we can. You and the family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Beth said...

Wow, Tiff, that is a lot to take in! My thoughts are with your sister (and you, of course).