Password, Protections, PIN Numbers, Oh My!

I just had to take a moment to RANT about the above. This after 25 wasted (and unsuccessful) minutes of trying to collect my "sky miles" number for Delta airlines via phone with "customer service" and trying every possible combination of my usual password. Seeing that red error message pop up over and over again gives me a slight raise in blood pressure. ugh.

Does anyone else feel like it is full time job to keep track of (let alone remember) all of the various passwords, protections, pin numbers, etc. in their lives?!

I mean, honestly, one for every bank account, social network, airline, website, on-line payment set up...it's insane. To make it worse, they all require different combinations - some with numbers, some with symbols, some with caps - I feel that someone is laughing at my efforts to keep them all straight. Impossible!

I have tried keeping them on one sheet, but I never kept up with updating it when things would change and I hated having all of our most valuable information in one spot should it get lost.

I like to think of myself as a very organized individual. I am a list/spreadsheet/task master! But when it comes to our hundreds of log-ins, I am a mess.

Please help! What are your tricks?

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