Long Weekend

I rarely think that any weekend is ever long. They are almost always positively too short.

This weekend, felt a little different for me. I feel like we did so much in two days. Chris on the other hand, felt like we did nothing. Read: we did not take any sort of adventure in the outdoors and as he put it, did "all your type of stuff". I'm okay with that. I needed it.

In no particular order we:

- Met up with our friend, Evan, who just returned from Costa Rica
- Drank Pete's Strawberry Blonde Ale
- Got two Pumpkins, one Gourd and a pot of Orange Mums for the front porch
- Pulled Weeds
- Pulled Muscles
- Went on two runs (one being Race for Cure)
- Read this blog and cried for a few hours
- Ate chips and salsa
- Picked out (and agreed upon) a fun paint color for an old dresser
- Baked and Frosted Sugar Cookies
- Made three meals for the week (Taco Soup, Tuna Casserole and Chicken Pasta)
- Browsed Target
- Ate a Pumpkin Bagel at Einstein's
- Talked with Family
- Had an epiphany on how to make the basement into a master bedroom without spending much money (plan and execution to come...)
- Went to a Birthday party
- Hung out with girlfriends
- Cleaned the house
- Cleaned the windows, inside and out
- Cleaned the car
- Ate fish and chips at Great Britain's Fish and Chips in Denver (YUM!)
- Wrote emails
- Finished a book
- Chewed my fair share of vitamin C to knock out this cold I feel coming on
- Watched a movie
- Had a nice long talk about life, which I like to do every couple of months, hah
- Ate at Benny's
- Watched a bit of the Bronco's Game
- Brought out winter blankets and down comfortor
- Slept. Well.

Not bad for 48 hours...


Mark said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. A little too much pumpkin and cleaning for my taste, but the ale sounded good.

Kate said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PUMPKIN!

Brandee said...

....That blog...oh my gosh... I'm still crying. What an inspiration that woman was. To stay so strong and happy through all of that...wow.

Tiffany and Chris said...

Brandee, I know! It's a good one.