Mistaken for a Lexus

Yesterday, I may have had wishful thinking when I mistakenly thought that our Subaru was a Lexus after I left happy hour with the Four Seasons.

Read: Apparently 1.5 glasses of Sav. Blanc are 1.5 too many when it comes to searching for my car in the parking lot. Thanks to key less entry, I heard the three beeps and walked right up to the car and starting pulling on the handle to get it. Might I add that I had a moment of, 'Man, our car is really nice...and so shiny!' I was a bit confused when I could not actually enter the car, but kept hearing the little beeps when I pressed the keys and saw the headlights light up from the corner of my eye. So I tried and tried again. It wasn't until I peered in the car and saw some spiffy leather seats to finally realize I had been jerking on the door handle of a brand new Lexus SUV.

Our car was innocently parked next to this little black gem and I'm sure was thinking, "Um, lady, you could barely afford me. In your dreams." All I can say is thank God the alarm did not go off on the Lexus; I am pretty sure that people sitting on the patio at Elway's were waiting for my mishap to go from bad to worse.

Anyways...fun times. Chris didn't really laugh. I'm pretty sure that he was more concerned that 1.5 glasses of vino could cause such confusion, hah. Clearly, it doesn't take much to change me from being apathetic (previous post) to entertained.


Beth said...

Too funny! I've tried to get in the wrong car but it's usually because it's the same make and color. :P You're too cute.

Mark said...

and I thought that only happened to me... I came out of a store the other day and just about started panicking because I couldn't find my Honda. There was one exactly like it parked right next to where I had parked. I thought someone accidentally took my car instead of theirs! I was standing there, trying to decide what to do, when I remembered I had driven the landcruiser, not the honda and, sure enough, it was parked right next to where I was standing staring at some other guys honda.