The Couch

Wow, It's been awhile...

Let's see, I could post more about the cuteness of the baby girl below or perhaps about our new curtains (next post) or my awesome find on the curb whilst running last weekend - but let's be real here.

I slept on the couch last night.

And that my friends, is much more blog worthy than any of the above. My puffy eyes and stiff neck are a not so subtle reminder this morning of the less than pleasant night that Chris and I had last night.

Who would of thought that these little gems (admittedly stolen from this site):

could be the catalyst that would turn our household into a WWIII battle zone?

Chris and I had it out for each other last night. One of those twice a year blow out fights in which we truly wanted to kill one another. No really, I'm serious, kill. Or at the very least, physically harm.

One of those fights where you honestly can not think of one stinkin' reason why you married the other person.

One of those fights in which there are tears and screaming and scathing looks.

One of the ones when you put two bad words together to make them "badder".

One of those where Guilty Party A decides to sleep on the couch to demonstrate her disgust of the other person. One in which Guilty Party B proceeds to sprawl out across the bed to demonstrate that he does not need, nor does he want, Guilty Party A to return.

One of those in which Guilty Party B comes to the couch at 1:00am to apologize to Guilty Party A and one of those in which Guilty Party A can not muster up enough forgiveness to return to bed and instead says something to the affect of wanting to rather die.

One in which Guilty Party A wakes up again at 2:00 to try her turn at apologizing to Guilty Party B, only to find him sound asleep (and looking quite comfortable, mind you - how dare he?) in bed. Guilty Party A decides to make a ruckus in the kitchen instead of apologizing in an attempt to wake Guilty Party B up from his slumber - she fails.

One of those fights when, in the morning, Guilty Party A squints and tries to remember exactly what happened and where it all started. One in which she wakes up with a moment of sheer panic and wonders if Guilty Party B is in fact filing those divorce papers that she insisted him to 7 hours prior. He's not - thank god.

One of the ones in which Guilty Party B moves Guilty Party A into bed at 5:00am and apologizes yet again and she accepts this time because the couch is in fact, quite uncomfortable.

What did we possibly fight about you ask? I would answer with, "What didn't we fight about?" But the details of the fight are really here nor there. It was just one of the bad ones. One of the really ugly times that people rarely tell you about or admit ever happen. The ones in which you can only HOPE you can get your act together for by the time there are children in the house - but aren't entirely sure you ever will.

You know, one of those fights. No, just us? Ahem, moving on then.

While pouting uncomfortably on the couch after laying down our weapons for the night, I thought of a few of those reasons why i did marry Chris. I came up with a few, but here is one I like best.

A few weeks ago, I asked Chris, "What do you like most about me?" And he replied with the answer:

"That we are best buddies".

I know, I know, really? Best buddies? A little less romantic than I was hoping for under the stars and the moonlight on the beach. I certainly had a moment of, "what in the?" But, I decided not to go there. Instead I smiled. And he elaborated:

"We are. We have been each other's best friend for 8 years. I don't want to hang out with anyone more than you. And I can't hate anyone as much as I can hate you at times. But I will also never love anyone as much as I love you. We are just best buds. All the time. And, we get to be with each other forever, isn't that awesome?"

It was cute. And I have been thinking about it ever since.

No, we certainly don't like each other all of the time. And we can fight - mean. In fact, I'm sure we would make excellent candidates for marriage counseling. But we do love each other whole hearted.

We will go on our date tonight to see Ray Lamontagne (hip hip hooray) and we will talk about how much we love the other person and how we are the luckiest people in the world. And how there is no else we would rather be with. And...we will mean it. The gigantic fight won't be so big anymore and we'll love each other all over again until the next big fight and yet again after that one.

Because alas, it is true. We are best buddies. and it's comforting. It makes WWIII (and IV and V) worth it, necessary and only to be expected...


Leighdleblog said...

I appreciate your honesty, Tiff! No couple is perfect, but being best buddies is a something that will get you through all of those imperfect moments. Have fun at your concert! I am very jealous...

I'll get you a belly shot, too, but right now there just isn't a whole lot to see. I ran last night in my BolderBOULDER shirt and I could see a nice little round ball, but the girl I ran with just laughed. Oh well, I'll do what I can!

Brandee said...

I love (and relate to) everything in this post. Not the fact that you HAD the fight, but that you guys keep it very real and LOVE each other deeply. I kept checking thinking "what the hell, Tiffany, write something" and having serious blog withdrawls..and then you post that. Worth the wait. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post for its honesty! My husband and I definitely have had a couple of world wars. I am always embarassed for others to know about them but we all know that they happen. Its amazing how the same fight with any other person would be relationship ending but with your "best buddy" its another leg in your wonderful crazy journey.

Tiffany and Chris said...

Sara! I have tried to leave a comment on your blog, but can't, so I'll just respond here. 1st - a big congrats on the upcoming addition! 2nd - you must aske your MT friend where she got her picture above her desk...I love it :) Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I am finding out about the picture. Hopefully I will have an answer soon for you. Thanks for the congrats, we are scared out of our minds with a little excitment mixed in.

Anonymous said...

Here is what she had to say about the picutre. Hope this helps! "I ordered the picture online from cb2.com about two years ago. It's a Marimekko tapestry, and they also sold the harware to mount it. I know the artist continues to design for them, but I'm not sure if you can still find the same print."

Tiffany and Chris said...

Thanks Sara! I am excited to look into it a bit. I love it - and appreciate you asking her! Happy Thanksgiving.

Kate said...

Your "forgiveness" post reminded me that I hadn't commented on this post like I wanted to! How incredibly REFRESHING to read the description of a fight that could have been taken from the pages of my marriage! I think that level of discord is evidence of the level of true feeling and passion of your relationship... which sounds so much more deep after 4 glasses of wine, but its the truth!