this and that

Thanks to my mom and Chris, new curtains adorn our living room and dining room - and what a difference it makes. Nothing fancy, but just enough to soften our window edges a bit...



Thanks to The Container Store for carrying (and Amanda for spotting) such awesome holiday wrapping paper, a new (and very low budget) piece of "art" resides over our bed...


Hard to see clearly in this picture, but it's a "driftwood" print.

...no judging our bare bedroom. It's been a lingering project of mine and by far my least favorite room in the house, sigh. Changes will be made.

And lastly, thanks to me (you knew that was coming) for getting my butt out of bed early in the morning to run last weekend plus a heaping dose of I have no shame knocking on strangers doors early in the am to inquire about their "trash", one killer bookshelf now has a happy home (seriously, who would throw out this thing?)

Ohh, Ahh:

The items on the shelves are temporary, as I have not quite figured out what direction to go in or where the perfect spot for it is - the possibilities are endless.

And, yes, we have do enjoy ourselves some other colors besides khaki. Looking at these pictures really makes me want to add some more color to our walls. yikes.


Ryan, Ashley & Avery said...

Tiff- I love your new finds- especially the bookshelf! Cute, cute house!! PS- I love your khaki wall color- very Pottery Barn! If you want to add color - paint your bookshelf a BOLD color!!! Come to WI and shop for me :)

Anonymous said...

I love the changes you've made! And great find in the bookshelf! If I were you, I'd paint that bookchelf a rusty red. I can't wait to send you my homemade gift! It's going to be great for adding "color" :)

Brandee said...

That bookshelf is an amazing canvas. It's AWESOME!