Festive Ideas

I have just finished prepping for our work holiday party this evening and in the midst of creating centerpieces on a budget, I realized that it has been forever since I have done anything "crafty" or creative in our house.

I certainly have had a case of "too many ideas but not enough motivation" going on lately. I had BIG decor plans for the basement - it's still empty (and daunting). I had FUN plans for Christmas gifts- and have not completed even 1/4 of my shopping. I had CREATIVE plans for our bedroom - and...nothing.

In this new year, I am making a non-resolution resolution, to tackle one project at a time and get things done. Thisyounghouse and BowerPower, here I come!

In the meantime, I will leave you with a few Festive Ideas for the holidays - to prove that my brain is still churning them out, my body is just not executing.

Easy Peasy Speedy (sorry got carried away there) Centerpieces:
- Fill small vases with mini ornaments, a bit of water and cut poinsettia stems (you can get almost 8 small centerpieces from 1 plant). Create large ones with big ornaments and over sized vases and a whole poinsettia plant cut from the soil.

Themed Gift Ideas (simply adjust items to your budget):
- The Camper: Wrap a plaid wool blanket with an over sized thermos, homemade hot chocolate mix, s'more skewers, gourmet marshmellows (check out Williams Sonoma or Whole Foods) and a deck of cards or a game.
- The Tailgater: Fill a cooler with a six pack of beer, hot dog skewers, gourmet condiments (the idea is to put a twist on the usual mustard or ketchup, making it a bit more special), a team blanket and a handheld radio.
- The Health Nut: A printed yoga mat, a water bottle, a whole foods gift card and a cooking light cookbook.
- The Everyoneshouldhavethisstuffbutoftenneverdo: Fill a girly tool belt (they do sell them!) with your basic household tools such as a screwdriver, wrench, nails, hammer, tape measure, leveler, tacks, magnets, pencils, paintbrushes, a ruler, a pad of paper and finally, a subscription of 'Real Simple' - my favorite!!

And for the kiddos:
Side note: If you are like me and fear that if you bump carts with one more person down the toy isle in Target during Christmastime you may either A) burst into tears, er...wait already did that B) slap the jerk who didn't say sorry for rolling over your toe as he and his brat of a child went on a toy rampage or C) swear off toys, Christmas and children for the rest of your life, then you may want to consider an alternate option such as (que relieved smiling face):

- Zoo passes
- Museum passes
- Your favorite kid movie, popcorn, juice boxes and "tickets" to have them over for a movie night
- Monogrammed overstuffed chairs in which you order from the comfort of your home :)
- Create a craft box for next to nothing filled with "treasures" from your own home. Think buttons, markers, scrap paper, thread, ribbon, string of lights, felt, magazines, magnets, even food (marshmellows, pasta, hard candy). I nannied during college and it is truly amazing how these things can keep a little one entertained for hours

Happy t-minus 8 days until Chistmas!!


Us! said...

Fun stuff, Tiff! You'd better get shopping...I wish I could go with you! Merry Christmas!

Beth said...

Ah, the insanity of the Target toy section...been there, done that way too many times in the last couple of weeks! Great ideas. I just might use one or two. :)