On The Go

I just can't seem to keep up with blogging lately, as we have been on the go for the past several weeks. With being right after the holidays, I feel as though things never really slowed down, but I am also pretty sure I say this every year :)

We spent this past weekend in Aspen with our good friends BJ, Val, Anne, Rob and Thompson. It's become kind of a tradition to spend MLK weekend up there at Rob and Anne's place, do some skiing, eat some good food and go out on the town. I am always on the lookout for "a famous" as I like to call celebrities and the like, but I have yet to see a one, sigh.

Chris and I arrived home last night and I tackled the pile of laundry that oozed out of our bedroom followed by a relaxing evening watching, er rather sleeping through, the Golden Globes.

Next weekend we are off to NYC to lose our big city virginity; neither of us have ever been and we are very excited for our 72 hour jaunt (again, a big thank you to kara who seems to help us cross off our world travel to-do list)!

This week I think I am going to do some shopping. There, I said it. I have not been shopping in forever. I kid you not, it's been at least two months since I have purchased any new duds. And for a girl who loves her a little retail therapy, it's two months too long. Nothing fancy, I am just craving a little TJ Maxx browsing, outlet bargains and maybe an Anthro escapade with my Christmas gift card.

Other than that, life is moving along swimmingly. Husband and I are getting along like two peas in a pod, our families are happy and healthy, work is picking up (as you may have noticed from the lack of blog posts, heh heh) and we are nice and busy with friends.

I am successfully keeping all of my New Years resolutions, which is particularly easy when you don't make any. But seriously, I have a few "spring projects" that I am really looking forward to tackling. Stay tuned - as one is quite the surprise...

Until next post, have a great week.

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