And cue the record scratch

It seems as though thinks can only go seemingly "perfect" for so long. Our washing machine broke sometime between Sunday at 9:00pm and yesterday at 6:00pm.

With all of the water, soap and a full load of laundry in it mind you. I mean, if it had finished the spin cycle, I would have been grateful.

We spent half the night with buckets, sopping clothes, towels, and a lovely smell of mildew. It was nice. We are now begrudgingly in the market for a new washing machine.

Don't you hate when your money doesn't go where it's planned?


Mark said...

Would it be worth having repaired? It could be an easy fix.

Tiffany and Chris said...

That was our first thought, but chris thinks it's out. Burning smell and such. We got it from someone when we moved in and they had it for years before that. We shall see though, a repair would be nice!

Anonymous said...

Craigslist!! I bought one for $100 3 years ago and it still works wonderfully! Best of luck :)