A Naval Orange

At 15 weeks and 3 days (or almost 4 months for those of you who, like me pre-pregnancy, can not understand why pregnant women insisted to refer to time in such a confusing matter) that's how big baby is these days.

The food analogy really works well for me in terms of putting an image to the concept of 'eating for two'. For example, at one point someone said, "Don't worry, you are eating for two!" to which I was able to reply, "Well, unfortunately, I am just eating for one plus a walnut..." See, it would make you think twice about that second chocolate chunk cookie too, wouldn't it?!

Anyways, naval orange days are pretty good. I've had several people ask, "Do you feel different?" And physically speaking, no, I really don't. It's very odd to think that something so major is taking place, but other than a little weight gain, I really don't feel pregnant at all.

The only three minor annoyances that confirm pregnancy daily are these:

1) My hair and nails are growing exponentially.
2) I make a trip to the bathroom every hour.
3) Heartburn. The worst heartburn.

These being my only three gripes, I think I have it pretty good.

In t-minus 5 weeks, we will know if we are having a boy or girl! For the record, I think it's a boy. No rhyme or reason, no old wives tales, no dreams or gut instincts, I just think it is - wait, is that a gut instinct? Hmm.

So, we shall see. Any stories out there of babies believed to be one sex only to discover it was the other?!


Colleen Pate said...

Everyone in m family was convinced that I was having a girl. I had a dream early in pregnancy that was taking care of a baby boy. So everyone tought girl and kept saying I know it is a boy. Lots of salty cravings too. Anyway, I guess my mothers intuition was right. They told us at 16 weeks that we were having a boy and 21 weeks later he was here! I think next time we won't find out atall and it will be a surprise. That way we will get both experiences. Can't wait to know if it is a boy or girl. Do you have names picked out??

Beth said...

I had my eye on you at Leigh's shower and my first feeling was boy too.

Russ and Kara said...

I had dreams very early on that I was having a girl. The way that I carried suggested a girl and I was craving fruit. Strangers on the street would stop me to tell me that I was having a girl...We waited until Tyler was born to find out that he was in fact a boy! Russ was the only one who thought we were having a boy, go figure! Every day Tyler amazes me on how much of a boy he already is...no one teaches them those things!! It's too funny. It will be exciting to find out!

Anonymous said...

My parents wanted me to be a surprise when I was born so they decorated my room in yellow and green...by the way, who decided those were gender nuetral colors?? Anyways, my mom was 99% sure I was a boy. Boy were they wrong! :)

Laura Lieff said...

Thank you for referring to time in months rather than weeks and days :) I love hearing the updates! Any names picked out yet for either a boy or a girl?