Is it Spring yet?

I for one, can NOT wait for the new season to arrive.

Today in Denver, we are catching a glimpse of Spring with 58 degree weather, sunny skies and outdoor patios adorned with cocktail drinkers. Hmmm, lovely.

Here are a few of our Spring / Summer projects that I am gearing up to tackle:

- Landscaping
- Baby K's Nursery
- Master Bedroom ReDo (have I mentioned that we currently sleep on a full size bed, people? And yes, for the record, I have mentioned this said "redo" for months now. It WILL happen)

Other than wishing for warmer weather and sunshine, I really have had nothing new to share in the way of blog-worthy posts. I thought this may be a good opportunity to to hear from YOU!

Anyone have any questions or query's for me? Ideas on blog-worthy topics? Baby related, work related, marriage related, decor related, food related (eating, not cooking that is).

I would love to share my not-so-expert opinions on any and all things you want to throw my way. No pressure. Well, okay, maybe just a little bit of pressure - I need something to blog about!


Us! said...

I'll be thinking about any questions I may have for you, but in the meantime---I AM JEALOUS! 58 degrees?? We just got another 3 inches of snow this afternoon! What is up with that? Yeah. Enjoy your sunshine. And send some our way, ok?

Anonymous said...

Ok, how about some bambino questions...

Any names your leaning towards for a boy or girl?

Color ideas for the nursery?

Any maternity purchases yet? They make such cute stuff now!