Tips for the Bedroom

In honor of Valentine's Day coming up, I thought a post about the love nest was only appropriate.

While I am certainly not the first person to discover these tricks, they sure have made a difference in keeping our bed in tact. I should also preface I am semi-anal when it comes to this stuff, therefor I am all too aware that I may be speaking to a select one or two or maybe even zero people here...

Have you ever wondered how to get your bed to look (and stay) like the one below:

Notice the straight bed skirt, tucked in duvet, tight fitting sheets and all around crispness

Let me introduce three magic workers and general 'keep the bed-maker' happy devices:

1) Bed Skirt Pins

Like mini screws, you take off your top mattress and literally pin your bed skirt to the box spring once you adjust the length. A few pins along the border should do the trick. You will never have to readjust again, keeping the bed skirt in a straight line just skimming the floor. Bonus idea: If you have King bed skirt that you love, but are working with a full bed, just make a pleat in the middle and pin in place. No one will know the difference.

2) Duvet Grips
Like their name implies, these 4 clips grip right onto each corner of your duvet and duvet cover. Simply flip duvet cover inside out, clip corners of duvet and duvet cover together, and flip right side out again. Duvet slipage no more!

3) Sheet Suspenders
These odd looking things come in a 4-pack and will be used on each corner of your bottom sheet. I use these because we have a pillow topper on our mattress that tends to shift and sheets that don't seem to have deep enough pockets to hold it in place. This keeps the topper in place and the sheet corners from coming up. You know, the dreaded tug one corner down while the opposite corner pops up. I will admit that these are the most tricky of them all to use, as they take a while to get on. But once the corners are suspended together, you should be good to go. Clasp one end of the suspender to one side of the sheet and pull across the bottom of the mattress. Secure the other end to the opposite corner of the sheet and voila!

Even better? All of these "tools" can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond for a grand total less than $15.

Happy love, er, bed making this Valentines Day!


Beth said...

Semi-anal? That is the first I've heard about the existence of any of those things. LOL. You are too cute. I never make my bed. :-P

Tiffany and Chris said...

hah, I did wonder about that 'semi' :)