1/2 a sleeve of Saltines in 1/2 an hour...

I have stuck by the fact that I have not had any cravings thus far in my pregnancy. Several have inquired, but I always stand firm with my answer of "nope, not a one" - thinking that a craving must be something more intense. More along the lines of pickles and ice cream or fried banana sandwiches with peanut butter or even heaping bowls of lucky charms and ice cold milk.

My odd desire for Saltines, however, is really making me think twice about the issue. Perhaps this is my craving? I mean, seriously, Saltines? As a passionate lover of food, I really thought (and have secretly been hoping for) a craving a bit more interesting, let me tell you.

I have read that you crave what your body needs or is lacking. Apparently mine is lacking empty calorie, cardboard like crackers doused in salt at 9:30 in the morning.



LyndsAU said...

I ate TONS of crackers and saltines while pregnant, but then again I like them all the time :)

Kasie said...

I ate a lot of these in the first trimester just to get rid of the dizzies... they were always on my bedside, gross.

Beth said...

I love Saltines, especially when pregnant! Yum.