Q&A and Two Vagabonds Trunk Show

Well, the planned q&a session did not work out as swimmingly as I had hoped, ahem. Thanks Mel, for asking a few - I am excited to answer your three questions!

Any names you're leaning towards for a boy or girl?

Yes! Names have been the most fun thus far. For some reason boy names have come much more easily than girl names - perhaps another sign that the little bambino is in fact a dude. I think once we eventually decide on a name, it will be kept a secret until the birth, but for now, here are some of our favorites:

Boy: Beck, Weston (West), Owen, Cole, Parker, Will, and Landon.
Girl: Ava, Elle, Carson, Peyton and Brooke.

Either middle name will most likely be a family name.

Color ideas for the nursery?

These change daily. I am really waiting on the sex for this one. I recently have been swooning over these color combos (lime, aquas, greens) for a girl or a boy. Then again, I also love the idea of different shades of pink on the walls if it is a girl. And if it's a boy, I always come back to the idea of keeping it simple. A relatively neutral room with khakis, dark browns, and whites with accents of blue (bedding, art, etc.) Amanda even had the thought to wainscoting the bottom half of the room to keep the room light and airy - love that too.

Speaking of nursery, clearly I have not started a lick on this project. Am I behind? I am starting to feel a tinge (make that, a major pinch) of panic, like I should be starting or even halfway done...someone put me at ease.

Any maternity purchases yet? They make such cute stuff now!

I have purchased just a couple of staples like plain white tees, a belly band and some new tanks. I am currently wearing this cardigan from my Old Navy purchases a few weeks back. I "splurged" on a C&C light weight top for summer that I can't wait to wear (I hate spending more than $30 bucks a shirt right now for something that will get no more than a couple months of use). In the mail, I have a pair of capris on their way and this weekend I am venturing out to find a few more pants, skirts and dresses. I am exactly 17 weeks today and am really starting to need new clothes. If nothing else, to help round out my belly, rather than stuff it in my current jeans and pants. I have also been thankful to receive a few hand-me-downs from family.

And, yes, they DO make such cute stuff these days. In fact, I think some things are even cuter in the maternity lines than in the regular lines. A word to the wise: If you are looking for long tanks this summer, check out maternity sections. I don't find that they are extra roomy, rather just a few inches longer, which I love. Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Gap, A Pea in the Pod and Target have been my favorites for shopping maternity thus far.

In other news, I am excited to be hosting the 'Two Vagabonds Trunk Show' on March 18th! My co-worker, Lisa, and her friend have started an import company in which they are going around the world purchasing and bringing back items like ceramics, jewelry and textiles to sell to their friends and family. Their most recent trip includes items from Thailand, Morocco and India and I can not wait to share them! Below are just a few pictures of some of the items...

Any Denver / Colorado readers out there: If you would like to attend this trunk show, I would be happy to send along the information; it's going to be a great event. Please e-mail me or leave me a comment for further details and consider this your invite! The more the merrier.

I promise to be taking and posting some belly pictures this weekend, before I lose any more pride. I already wish I would have taken them earlier. Stay tuned...


LyndsAU said...

I want one of those scarves :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for answering my questions! And it's so funny how 2 of your names (Ava and Cole) are on my list too! I love them both!Can't wait to see the bump pics!