Friday again!

I must say, the weeks have been flying by these days - gotta love that!

To keep things interesting, I like to do several "fun" things on Friday's (hey, a girl's gotta celebrate somehow). For example, I never work out of Friday's - although I confess to being a little lazy in this department Mon-Thurs. as well. I sleep in until 6:30 and I wear jeans to work (Office Space, remember?) Usually I pick up some kind of annoying Starbuck's order: a tall, decaf, non-fat, one splenda, iced latte on my way to work and enjoy it with a piece of dark chocolate. Generally we order in lunch, or even better, high tail it to Hacienda for some mid day chips and salsa. And, the best part of Friday: leaving early. What a difference an hour makes!

Today, I plan to spend my lunch break browsing the aisles of Target. Have you seen the recent Liberty of London line at Target? Check it out! Such fun patterns for home, clothing and accessories. I think that the nursery will feature some of these frills including crib bedding, a lamp and a few bins for storage - can't wait!

Thanks for all of your reassuring comments on my previous posts, I am feeling much more at peace about things.

Here are a few pictures of baby girl. Pardon the graininess. I can not get the images to scan clearly and we only have a dvd of the images rather than a cd. Missy is not happy that I am blurring her features ;)

The white spot above her nose is actually her fist resting by her face...sweet!

Happy weekend.


Russ and Kara said...

She is beautiful1 Yay! Thanks for posting the pictures. I am super excited that it's Friday too!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! She's beautiful just like her momma. And it almost looks like she's pouting just like her momma :)

I can't wait to meet her, August is too far away!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on the baby girl news, must be soooo exciting!! Have you decided what you are naming her yet?