The Great 'Jeans' Debate

Not be confused with the 'genes' debate, which would probably be a much more intelligent conversation.

The jeans debate is both an internal struggle and has been a sore spot in our marriage more than once.

In college, I was a jeans whore (hey, better than the alternative), if you will. Willing to drop entire paychecks on a new pair of designer jeans - and to date, they have been some of my best purchases. The fit, the smell, the wash, the pockets. Retail therapy at it's finest.

And then...I got married. And the great debate began:

"There is NO way we are paying upwards of a couple hundred dollars for a pair of jeans when you can get an equally nice pair (make that pairs) for a fraction of the cost", he prods her.

A little squrimish, I have always shot back with several lines about the quality (even though I have never had any of my other jeans literally "fall apart" either) and the way that they wash (turn all jeans inside out and they all wash the same in my opinion) and the how long they last (I think a pair of Old Navy jeans may be my longest running pair in fact). But nothing really holds a candle to my reasoning that they really do make you feel different. This is where I usually spend the most of my argument. Trying to describe the actual sensation that a pair of reallygood jeans can provide and the way in which they make the swing in your step more pronounced. And, this is where I usually lose the debate. I mean, it's basically like saying that once jeans reach 'x' number of dollars, they are magical. They can make tears go away and self esteem rise to new heights - truly denim superheros. Nevertheless, I never win his vote.

In reality, he has won mine.

I finally get it. The thought of spending a small fortune for a pair of jeans is ridiculous and just not necessary. I've realized that no one can tell the difference between $20 jeans and $200, nor would they care if they could.

Something about Chris's voice whispering in my ear every time I shop, having a mortgage, a car payment and being cautious about my job in this turbulent economy have all influenced my jean purchasing habits in the past few years. My last pairs of jeans were either purchased at the outlets or on a promotion from the gap - and I really do like them. No complaints here.

So imagine how sheepish I feel at the fact that I am now the owner of a pair of MATERNITY (perhaps worse than their counterpart because of the length of time in which you can wear them) seven jeans.

No discounts, no bargain shopping and I didn't purchase them online. They're brand spakin' new. What's worse? I am in love with them. I haven't even worn them yet - that's how much I love them. I want to preserve their newness for as long as possible. I have already taken them out of the closet several times to admire them and to smell their newness, but won't put them on unless it's a special occasion. It's pathetic, really.

What happened to the rational, financially responsible Tiffany of yesterday, you ask? I'm not entirely sure. Nor do I want to recap the moments leading up to the internal outburst, "I need a pair of magic denim!" This after a day of being very blue. I kept my outburst in check as I explained to Chris my need for a new, magical (aka beyond our denim budget), pair of jeans. I was totally prepared to be shot down.

And then he did something magical. He agreed to the jeans splurge on just a few simple terms: I am to never complain about anything so stupid ever, ever again and I would go and sit with him patiently while he drank green beer with his buddies this weekend for St. Patrick's Day. Deal.

I think he really had a moment of, "pick your battles", when he looked into my eyes on this one. An emotional, frumpy mess, close to tears and ready to burst. I don't think it was a battle in which he was up to fighting. And he saw that I was...

He even went with me to get the jeans and waited for almost an hour while I found the perfect ones. My husband is a great guy for so many reasons - and he still would have been great even if he would have talked me off the jeans ledge. But this weekend, he didn't, and for that I love him even a little bit more.

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Sooo funny you two! And to think that I thought your jeans on Friday WERE designer and they weren't! :)

Beth said...

You are a bad influence. I really, really want to buy a pair of brown boots right now that are $100 off but still over $100. You're not helping, Tiff!!!!! Can't wait to see the jeans, though.

Anonymous said...

I have the exact opposite problem! I have trouble SPENDING money on jeans. I don't know why but spending more than $30 on jeans makes me CRINGE! I too am a "jean whore" and I still can't fathom it! But you know what? Something tells me if I was pregenant and going through so many bodily changes that I just wanted to feel comfortable and beautiful in something, a pair of 7 Materinity Jeans would TOTALLY do the trick :) Make sure to take a bump pic in them for us east coasters to see your splurge!

Kate said...

I used to be on the Designer Denim Only Bandwagon until I rediscovered GAP denim... now they are ALL I wear! My Citizens and Sevens and Joe's, etc are all hanging forlornly in the closet. Why pay $250 for one pair when I can get four pairs for that much?

I will say, however, I think MATERNITY DESIGNER DENIM is a whole new situation. Not that I've ever been pregnant, but I imagine that the changing body can give the self-esteem a swift kick in the pants and if one pair of denim (that you can wear for multiple pregnancies!) can make you feel better, then I think they're 100% worth the price tag!

smaltarich said...

Tiff. You know I am the cheapest bastard on this planet these days, but I still argue that designer jeans are better. They just ARE. I was even going to drop some of my tax return on a new pair since I haven't purchased any new since 2008..eeeeeek. Then I had to pay rent :) Still waiting.