Office Space

This is the view from my current desk at work - I love the fact that I get to look out at the Denver skyline and Rocky Mountains in the distance everyday

And, the reason for the title of the post...
This will be my view come next week, oh sigh.

That's right, I'm getting a cube. I laugh, because the first time I saw Office Space in high school I vowed I would never work in an office that had cubicles. The thought of it made me cringe.

But, alas, business decisions had to be made and our department is moving.

Although I will miss this view immensely, I am certainly grateful that I have a job and that my move is to a cube rather than to the curb.

And in all honesty, I adore my job so much that I would take a cube any day. That and the fact that we spend about 30% of our time off site anyways...

By the way, "Mmmmm....Peter....did you get the memo about the cover sheet for the TPS report???"

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Beth said...

Cubicles - ugh. I'm sure you'll do great, though. And this is totally unrelated but I bought an adorable apron at Anthro yesterday and just had to tell you. :-)