Mother's Intuition

...was WRONG because...


And this was how I was greeted at my desk (notice the dreaded cubicle, which is in fact not so bad) this morning:

I have the best co-workers around, I tell ya - they sure know how to make a couple of girls feel very special!

Here are some facts:

- We are shocked.

- The tech is 90% sure (only 90%, I know, I was horrified) that she is a girl. Her cord is in between her legs and the 3 times in 30 years that the tech has been wrong were due to cord "misreads" - lovely. BUT, she was confident enough that she said I could tell people it was a girl and that there were NO boy indicators present. I will recheck in a month, but as she said, "bring on the pink!"

- Baby GIRL (gah - still can't get over it!!!) is 11 inches and 10.5 oz or about as big as a banana and as heavy as an orange

- She is a wiggle worm and flipped and turned and kicked and punched several times throughout the 40 minute long ultrasound.

- She falls right smack in the middle for all things height, limb, brain, heart, etc. related. Which is a good thing! She is following the charts right on.

- She does have a small Echogenic Foci on the left ventricle of her heart (basically a tiny white spot or calcium deposit). I wanted to share this because I am so curious if any of you other moms have ever had this with any of your babies?! The doctor said it was fairly "normal" and that they see it on a lot of babies. Most all turn out to be healthy babies with no reason for concern. It is considered, however, a 'soft' indicator for Downs Syndrome, and she was required to inform us. I have no other Downs indicators and my blood work is normal, so she said there is no reason to be alarmed. No further action was recommend, so we suppose we will adhere to her advice. As with any "abnormality" we are a bit concerned, but also trying to take comfort in the fact that everything else is spot on and we most likely have a 100% healthy baby on our hands. Of course, a good prayer would be much appreciated for our little one!

- Lastly, she's the cutest little thing around if I do say so myself. I will try and post some pictures later tonight, but the scanner really blurred the ultrasound pictures.

To celebrate, Baby Girl would like to show off her very first duds:

We already feel so blessed and so loved - thanks to everyone who has "checked in" on the three of us.



Beth said...

You do have some awesome coworkers! How sweet is that? I'm so excited for you both!!! Woohoo!

Kate said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting!

Hildur said...

Wow, congratulations! She is going to be one beautiful girl.

Jimmy had the white spot at the 20 week ultrasound as well, and it turned out to be nothing. Honestly, I can't even remember if my doctor ever mentioned it again. I know it is impossible not to worry, but I think she will be just fine.

I can't get over the fact that you are 20 weeks already, it's going by fast!

Tiffany said...

Hildur, thanks for the comment! It feels reassuring just to know others have been in the same boat. And, yes, I can't believe I am 20 weeks either. ah!

Laura said...

Congratulations! How exciting for you. Baby girls clothes are so much fun to buy!

KB said...

Congratulations! I was also convinced we were having a boy and was so glad we found out it was a girl so I had that time to bond. I wouldn't have it any other way - I know God made our family exactly the way it should be. It is SO fun to have a little sidekick. Enjoy!!

Russ and Kara said...

Congratulations! What a lucky little girl! Yay! Enjoy the second half of your pregnancy! Can't wait to see her little face. Ultrasounds are so tricky to copy and scan.

Colleen Pate said...

So excited for you! Seems like you have some great co-workers. I know it is hard not to worry but I am sure that everything will be ok. I bet this lucky little girl will be just perfect.


Trish said...

YAY for baby girls!! I am so very happy for you!! XOXO

kennan said...

we were nervous about Jude having a disease called trisomy 18 because at his ultrasound they found cysts on his brain.... and he is perfect. I wouldn't be too worried about it!

congrats in the girl. I can't wait to hear her name!