Got Grass?

The legal kind mind you.

After this weekend of tilling and raking and fertilizing and laying grass seed, we are on well on our way to having our very own! This has been on our to-do list since we moved in last September and it is probably one of the most exciting projects thus far.

The end product may take a few weeks (and a lot of freaking water) to deliver a decent picture, but here is an idea of where we started:Lots and lots of old dirt and weeds. I have to say that even a yard full of fresh manure and newly raked dirt looks better than what we were working with a few days ago.

This weekend was also spent feasting on Fish and Chips, hanging out with friends and celebrating Easter with family. Today, I am thoroughly enjoying the Easter candy leftovers.

AND, finally...we have movement people! I was pretty much convinced that I would be one of those mothers who never felt her baby move and was preparing myself for the fact that I would not have this connection with the babes. Sad but true. Everything I have read says that between 16 and 20 weeks for your first pregnancy, you should be able to feel movement. My 20 week mark came and went and I still felt nothing. No flutters, no pops, no butterflies.

But, yesterday, whilst sitting on the couch, I thought I may have felt something similar to those descriptions. And as soon as I thought I felt it again, my shirt raised up like a little bubble. And then again!! Very very cool. Chris missed it and still thinks I was making it up (I had him convinced as well that we would be non-baby feelers) but I do have witnesses!

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Russ and Kara said...

That is so exciting! Feeling baby move makes everything so real! Congratulations on grass as well!