Have your parents ever shared with you bits and pieces of 'life advice' along the way that have really stuck? Advice that act as little reminders in your head and that you recall upon daily?

For example:

My mom always said, "Remember, you not only marry the man, you marry his entire family." Luckily, my man comes with a great family.

And every time I see that my gas tank is getting low, I think about my dad saying, "Keep your tank full and routine maintenance up and car troubles will be few and far between." And, I am happy to say I have never had a major problem with my cars thus far.

But there is one thing that replays all of the time: "If you have an opportunity, take it."

Admittedly, this one could get you into some trouble - especially if you think of an 'opportunity' as anything that you wouldn't normally do (hmm, a lot of college comes to mind here). But...knowing my parents, ahem, I think it's intended purpose was to suggest that any opportunity in which you can grow yourself, your strengths, your talents or your experiences should be greeted with open arms.

With this, I have also realized that opportunities tend to mean taking risks, potentially failing, coming out of your comfort zone and trying new things. In fact, often times an 'opportunity' is really quite uncomfortable and is somewhat easier to just ignore.

A few weeks ago, I was greeted with a little opportunity of my own. I have been asked to write an article for a local magazine about women who are breaking barriers, influencing innovation and collaborating to make change.

Yea, I know, a little different than posting bump pictures and writing about designer jeans. And perhaps even a little more than I was willing to take on. I kept asking if he was sure he wanted me to write this article. Have you seen my portfolio, I asked? Clarifying that by portfolio, I meant this blog. Run on sentences, punctuation errors and snide remarks aside, they do indeed want me to write!

The uncomfortable feeling certainly kicked into high gear, but knowing that I have not been led astray (when followed properly) by the advice, "If you have an opportunity, take it", I have accepted.

I am nervous to boot and have quickly realized that my sentence structures are in need of some serious polishing for a professional article, but I am excited nonetheless!

Yesterday I conducted my first interview, and the final piece will go to print on the 19th. Stay tuned - I may just post it here...

By the way, today's post was almost entitled: 'How my husband made me cry last night: A look at the ways in which Chris proceeded to tell me that he had accidentally deleted my phone interview off the voice recorder (when in fact he had not)'.

True story. True Tears. And I truly could have killed him...


Trish said...


Trish said...
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Anonymous said...

What an awesome opprotunity, Tiff! Congrats! I can't wait to read it! You are going to do a great job I'm sure!!

(Hopefully we can catch up when I get back from Haiti and get a little sping swap action on!)

Brandee said...

YAY! Congrats! There is nothing quite like seeing your work in PRINT!!!! I am so happy for you. Please let me know if you need any help with editing...I do it all day and would love to look it over IF you need it. P.S. your writing skills ARE strong...your blog is fantastic.

Tiffany said...

Brandee, yes please! I will send you the article when it's complete.