Progress has been made

...and making progress makes me happy!

Progress on the yard:
- Grass is growing
- New tree is planted

Progress on the nursery:
- Room is cleared out
- Walls are painted
- Wardrobe closet is put together

Progress on our room:
- Room is cleared out
- Goodwill run has been made
- New curtain rods are hung
- New curtains are hung
- Split box spring has been purchased and queen bed is set up
- Bed linens have been ordered
- Gorgeous antique buffet has been acquired from Chris's parents and will act as a dresser for the time being

Progress with the baby:
- Names narrowed down to 4 remaining contestants (Logan, Ashton, Ava, Ella)
- First (adorable) clothes purchased

The past few weeks have been especially busy with work and life in general, but I wanted to give a brief update.

Pictures to come!


Trish said...

What a fun post, congratulations on your awesome progress! I am in love with those baby names, how ever will you choose?! Hope you're feeling well, sending you a big smile! xox

Tiffany said...
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