Bump Round 4

I'm pretty sure that if you read my blog, you are also my friend on Facebook and have seen these pictures. But, for those who aren't - Bump pictures a la 7 months:


Trish said...

Hey sweetie, HAPPY 7 MONTHS!! You're practically in the home stretch now...I know it's not soon enough for you though, you are ready for that beautiful baby to be in your arms! My good friend just had her twins yesterday, 6 weeks early, but the each weighed in close to 5 lbs! You look gorgeous Tiffany!! xoxo

Beth said...

Beautiful! Love the turquoise shirt. ;-)

Hildur said...

You really do look great! It's not fair! I look scary. My face is puffy, swollen feet,and my legs and arms are getting huge. Have you been feeling the baby move? I know that you mentioned a while back that you might not feel her as much due to the placenta. Just curious if that was still the case.