This weekend, a few of my girlfriends hosted a baby shower for me (or shall I say the little miss-to-be) and let me just tell you how fabulous it was!

I knew that it would be lovely. Amazing even. But I have to say, I did not anticipate all of the little details that were intertwined into the day making it so unique. A few of my favorite things included:

- The onesie's pinned up with clothespins around the house.

- The pictures of Chris and I from recent years with facts about our childhood and baby-isms (first words, favorite thing to do, etc.)

- The baby pictures of each guest pinned up so that each person could match the adult at the shower to the baby picture.

- The decorations from poms, to a topiary to hanging flags in fun patterns.

Blame it on hormones, but I can almost cry thinking about all of the love (and time and effort and planning) that was put into the day - THANK YOU to my amazing friend Emily for hosting with Marisa, Jessie and Amanda for making the day so special.

Although I brought my camera, I was too wrapped up in noticing the details (fine, and eating the delicious food) to be taking pictures. But I do have a few from the others to share:

And, as a side note: Of all days, I was having a horrible "I hate how I look" day. It started as a mad dash to find an emergency dress the morning of the shower after the one I had purchased put me into tears and lasted all the way through the afternoon. A sob story, I know, but honestly, why did it have to be my shower day that I felt so large, frumpy, swollen, etc? Ug.


Russ and Kara said...

Your shower looks beautiful! I'm glad you ended up having a good day, even though it started out crummy. I know we all go through those days a few times, amplified when we are pregnant :) You look super cute and super happy in all the pictures.

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Stop it! You looked glowing, happy, and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Aww how sweet! I love the decorations and all the little details! I'm glad your shower went so well and I don't know what frumpiness you are talking about...you looked wonderful :)