Still Here

Hey there! Long time, no blog.

So, what's been going on with us?

- We started our natural (err, "medication free" is the term they prefer) birth classes at the hospital last week and we think we are really going to enjoy them. Our teacher is great and happens to be family friends with our neighbor. Small world.

- Things are heating up here in Denver with 90 + degree weather. Thank goodness we are sleeping in the basement these days. It's wonderfully cool!

- Our grass is growing like a weed and is finally starting to compliment our house (and help disguise our broken concrete steps - next year's project).

- I planted flowers last weekend and that's when summer felt official.

- I am 9 weeks out from my due date and am freaking out. No, really. Freaking out. I don't feel prepared or ready or have the slightest comprehension of how different our lives are going to be. Did I mention I am freaking out?

- We are 16 days out from going to Maine. Really can't wait for a vacation.

- Chris has been riding his bike a lot lately. His latest was a trip up to Lookout Mountain from our house. 50 miles round trip. I mean, really. As I become larger and in the worst shape of my life, he suddenly is sporting a six pack and doing one-handed push-ups. Ugh.

- I have another shower this Sunday and am anxiously looking forward to seeing family and spending time with friends (fine, and maybe opening up a few pink duds too).

- Kitters (our cat child) officially hates us (for what he is not sure of yet, but he can sense that something is not quite right at this point). He has let us know by a combination of the following: Attacking our legs every time we get up to move, peeing on my clothes when I leave the house, chewing and biting on the baby's shirts and getting inside the crib and car seat and scratching profusely.

- Work is busy. I have had two programs in the past couple of weeks and another on the 21-22. Preparation for them seems to take up my whole day and I am constantly wondering where the time has gone. Again, very excited for a vacation!

- We have discovered Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt. Wow. It's the first one in Colorado and yes, we did wait in an hour long line for frozen yogurt. And it was worth it. In fact, I may just head there right now. Yum!!

Bump Picture Installment coming this weekend. Until then...


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

I was just thinking I wanted some fro-yo as well... but don't want to make the drive into Boulder! :(

Kate said...

I love Pink Berry! Froyo has EXPLODED in Dallas - I think we have 6 different chains within 5 miles of our house!